News: ON THORNS I LAY: Decibel Magazine Streams New Track From Greek Death/Doom Veterans; Band To Unveil Aegean Sorrow This March Via Alone Records

Aegean Sorrow, the impending new full-length from Greek death/doom veterans ON THORNS I LAY, will see release this March via Alone Records. In advance of its official unveiling, Decibel Magazine offers up the consuming sounds of "Olethros Part II" for public consumption.
Offers guitarist Chris Dragamestianos of the track, "'Olethros' speaks about the loneliness of the soul in this cruel world we are living in and its journey towards salvation to paradise. 'Olethros' is a perfect example of how ON THORNS I LAY loves using acoustic guitar parts with melodies performed over Hammond keys. We also did it on the Crystal Tears and Future Narcotic albums and we will do it again in the future. The song continues with another trademark of our band: Beautiful double lead guitars over the rhythms and a great solo from our second guitar player. I really love this song; it's a very special one for me."
Hear the lamenting sounds of "Olethros Part II" courtesy of Decibel Magazine RIGHT HERE.
And if you missed it, sample the album's title track "Aegean Sorrow" HERE.
ON THORNS I LAY's Aegean Sorrow will see release on CD and digital formats via Alone Records and on vinyl via The Vinyl Division on March 12th with preorders to be announced in the coming weeks.
Aegean Sorrow was captured at Devasoundz Studios by Fotis Benardo (Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh etc.) and mixed and mastered at Unisound AB Studio by Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, Pan.Thy.Monium, Incision etc.). Easily among the most intense records of their more than twenty-year career, Aegean Sorrow fuses seemingly clashing concepts of catchy melodies and an incessantly mournful ambiance throughout. "We never stopped listening to our favorite albums - simple atmospheric doom death metal music since our formative years - so this is how Aegean Sorrow was created," the band notes. "It is a mix taken from our first demos and our first four albums back in the '90s, but with a modern sound. It is exactly what we love to hear, first of all, as fans. No trends, just pure feelings and music. Aegean Sorrow is the music we have dreamed of since we were teenagers. Waves of emotions flow over and over; it is a magical journey into the depth of our soul."
ON THORNS I LAY began as a death metal band in 1992 under the name of Paralysis. By 1993 they changed their name to Phlebotomy and released the Beyond The Chaos demo and the Dawn Of Grief EP. The following year they settled on the name ON THORNS I LAY and recorded theVoluptuous demo which draw attention of France's Holy Records who went on to release the death/doom sounds of their Sound Of Beautiful Experience debut. The band released five more albums and played countless shows and top festivals with the likes of Dream Theater, In Flames, Anathema, Amorphis, Katatonia, Septic Flesh, and many more before going on a twelve-year hiatus. 2015's Eternal Silence meant the return of the band, back to the roots, playing traditional gothic-inspired doom metal at its best and reaping critical accolades from fans and media across the globe. And now, 2018 ushers in Aegean Sorrow.

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