News: Features ELECTRIC WIZARD In Volume #2 of Exclusive Horror Series "Music Hell"

Canadian-based music authority PUREGRAINAUDIO.COM is proud to present Volume #2 "The Hiss of The Eliminator" featuring ELECTRIC WIZARD as part of their new online horror series entitled "Music Hell".  In this second story from author Michael Aronovitz and illustrator Nick McIvor,ELECTRIC WIZARD find themselves in a deadly game with "The Eliminator".

"Music Hell" is advised to be read with extreme caution. For every action there is a reaction, and because music has reached such an unprecedented level of artistry, the evil in the belly of the world has crept to the surface. PureGrainAudio is warning fans, that the stories may contain horrific imagery and extreme violence.

The full story can be read at 

Volume #1 featuring TRIVIUM, can be read at 

About Music Hell:

Presented by, each month, a different super-star band will be cursed, haunted, stalked, and terrorized by vicious serial killers, demented miscreants, blood-sucking zombies, and hideous demon-spirits as part of Music Hell's 13 planned horror-themed short stories by published authorMichael Aronovitz and illustrator Nick McIvor. Each story will focus on one band and their most current release.

About The Author:

Michael Aronovitz is a published author of (very) dark horror fiction. His first novel, Alice Walks, is available in newly released E-book form through Cemetery Dance Publications: He has published two other terrifying novels (The Witch of the Wood and Phantom Effect) and two frightening collections (Seven Deadly Pleasures and The Voices in Our Heads), as well as writing a number of in-depth rock reviews for Hellnotes, Goblet of Shock, Metal Heads Forever, and Heavy Music Headquarters. In 2014 he had a short story featured in the renowned anthology Searchers After Horror, and has upcoming fiction coming in Ghostlight, Nemesis, and Apostles of the Weird. In 2011, his story “How Bria Died” was featured in The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, Prime Books. Michael is a college professor of English and lives in Pennsylvania.

About The Illustrator:

Nick McIvor is an illustrator and comic creator from Australia. He studied Animation at the Queensland college of art, and has been working as a freelance artist ever since. His favourite things to draw are probably cats and goblins, and his preferred colour to design with is probably all of them. He moved to Canada to pursue comics, and to pursue little adventure, and he hasn’t been disappointed yet. You can often see him at one of Toronto’s many underground comic festivals – he’ll be the Australian one, you can’t miss him. Nick is excited to be working with Pure Grain Audio for this project, and he hopes to bring the fire.

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