Track By Tracks: Novareign - Legends (2018)

1. Call on the Storm:

"Call on the Storm" is a song written by Danny Nobel. The track features what some could say to be the album's catchiest chorus coupled with a solid rhythmic foundation. Carried over from the band's demo release, "Reign of the Infinite Sun", the song tells the story of the everyday quest to fulfill one's personal need for self-improvement and the struggle to earn their rightful place in the world. The song opens strong with a Celtic-like intro, and is carried on by one of the fastest and catchiest riffing arrangements within the album, complemented by singer David Marquez's wailing clean, yet gritty vocal lines. 

2. Mace of a Fist:

Another composition by Danny Nobel,  "Mace of a Fist" is the longest song on the album. Clocking in at over 10 minutes long, the song is often described as an epic journey. Appropriate enough, as the song takes its listener on an adventure riddled with riff heavy segments, catchy melodic harmonies, and an epic, climactic finale to the extensive instrumental segment. Mace of a Fist retells the tale of a Marvel Comics event known as "Siege", without making any direct references to its featured characters. The story is that of an extensive war, that features beings that may be described as lords, fiends, iron devils, and golden sentries. The song pays attention to some of the more dramatic incidents in the event. One of the standout elements to the song is the experimental focus on backing vocals, provided by guitarists Danny Nobel and Balmore Lemus, to compliment Lead Singer David Marquez's performance. 

3. Beyond the Cold:

The first single off the album, "Beyond the Cold" was written by Balmore Lemus. A fan favorite, the song is one of the band's most extraordinary examples of the musicianship that transpires within the musicians. Featuring one of the band's most memorable fret play performances, the song best demonstrates what a listener is in for from the rest of the album. The song includes an element that earns the band their title of a progressive power metal band, featuring an odd time breakdown at the bridge. Catchy, groovy, and yet heavy, Beyond the Cold is easily a must listen for any potential Novareign fan.

4. Heavy Heart:

"Heavy Heart" is the collaborative brainchild of both Balmore Lemus and David Marquez. While Lemus had stored the guitar melodies in his back pocket for years, lyrics composed by Marquez spawned the appropriate time for the song to make its outing into the world. It is no secret, that the number of people who suffer from a form of depression, anxiety, or anger, is running rampant. A heartbreaking topic that caught the eye of singer David Marquez, who felt that it was too important to be ignored, and deserved to be addressed. The lyrics, written by Marquez, remind any of those out there who suffer from the above, can always rise above the pain. To remember that they are not alone, and that there is always a choice. Despite the relentless nature of such deadly matters. This powerful message, along with the wild guitar compositions provided by Lemus, and one of Moizilla's best performances on the bass, are what makes this song a potential fan favorite. 

5. Skyline:

One of the band's proudest achievements, "Skyline" is the one song off the album that is a complete collaborative effort to see to completion. Each member has contributed to the completion of this song. While other songs are usually presented and completed by a single member, "Skyline" was a canvas that featured the writing prowess of every member in the band. Powerful, epic, and gloriously catchy, the composition is complete with some of the band's best guitar work, headbanging rhythmic segments, and an absolutely outstanding performance by frontman David Marquez. Skyline is a game changer in the Novareign's career and opens the door to the future sound of the band. 

6. To Wander the Stars:

Never meant to be its own separate track, this acoustic performance was originally composed by Danny Nobel as an intro to the following track. However, the band felt that the acoustic playing was worthy of being a track of its own. Nobel's acoustic performance, takes the listener back a step or two, away from the fast, shredtastic flavor that the album has served thus far presented, and lightens the tone to make way for a more humble, warmer, and soothing listening experience. It is the soundtrack to the scene of an old, withered man, entering an old cabin on a rainy night. The man greets a book found on a table and begins to flip the pages. The stage is then set for the tale of the next song on the tracklist. 

7. The Builder:

Picking off directly from where "To Wander the Stars" left off, "The Builder" is the story read in the books that our withered old man is reading through. It tells the tale of the one creator of all things. The presence and the spirit of the one all powerful being, that gives birth to space, time, and fate itself. This epic tale, composed by Danny Nobel, is not of a religious background, but rather emerges from a more curious approach, to invoke one to ruminate such an idea, the builder of all things. One of the band's easiest listeners, "The Builder" is a very straight forward and melodic offering from Novareign. 

8. Black as the Dead of Night:

The fastest song on the album. "Black as the Dead of Night" was written by Danny Nobel and is the band's most ambitious performance. Demanding the undivided efforts from each member, the song is easily another instant fan favorite and is often used as the band's closing act at each live performance. Black features the most extensive use of guitar playing by Nobel and Lemus. Drummer Paul Contreras throws any and all restraints to the winds to deliver one of his most powerful, and earth-shattering performances. As an instrumental, the song stands on its own, and is only made better by one of David Marquez's strongest vocal performances, 

9. Legends:

Written by Balmore Lemus, "Legends" is the title track of the debut album. Although not featured as a single, Legends was carefully chosen as the album's closing composition. The song features, what the band would consider to be a feeling of a most triumphant victory, the kind of which is only achieved after the completion, of a long, trying, and treacherous journey. Telling the tales of fallen legends past, the lyrics are composed by both Lemus and Marquez, to inspire its listeners to forever strive for greatness, and to never live life in such a manner that is anything less than worthy of a living legend. Which at the end of the day, is the primary message the band strives to get across to its listeners. To live life to the fullest, to never become unworthy, and to always remember, that they too, can become legends. 

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