News: Brazilian Power Metal HIBRIA Announce New Guitarist Guga Munhoz

Brazilian power metallers HIBRIA announce guitarist Guga Munhoz as their newest member. After a successful audition, Munhoz received an official invitation to replace guitar player Renato Osorio. Munhoz’s entrance to the band not only marks the transition from two excellent guitar players, but also the beginning of a new and exciting age in HIBRIA’s career. Take a look at this introductory video to his shredding!

Video - Hibria Introduces Guga Munhoz -

Guitarist Abel Camargo comments:

“I had already seen Guga playing many times on the city’s stages (Porto Alegre, Brazil), and there was something that always called my attention, and made me confident to choose him: The stage is really his home. Playing with friends, jamming with Paul Gilbert, playing classic songs, improvising on his videos, or even opening a concert for Dream Theater playing his own instrumental songs, he has always mastered what he wanted from his guitar and showed gratitude for that moment. Besides being a versatile and shredding guitarist, he is also a born composer."

HIBRIA released their 2016 album "XX" and 2015 self-titled album on Test Your Metal Records.

Album order available on CD here and digital here.

Music video - 'Leading Lady' -

1. Leading Lady (5:37)2. Music (5:11)
3. Fools Paradise (5:41)
4. Silent Revenge (Live) (6:57)
5. Lonely Fight (Live) (4:59)
6. Tightrope (Live) (5:53)
7. Tiger Punch (Live) (6:17)

Album Length: 40:40

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