News: LUCKY BASTARDZ Hope You Will ‘Be The One’

Be the One is the fourth album from Italian hard rockers Lucky Bastardz and it’s also, by far, their most ambitious. It’s what you might call a “semi-concept album” focused on the themes of inner re-birth. Be the One contains 10 excellent tracks for both the first timers and the purists with not a filler in sight!
The band use “Double-Kick Engine Rock’n’Roll” to describe their original musical style and they are known for their boundless energy and attitude. Thrash, AOR, hard rock, classic and modern metal are all mixed up to create the bands unique sound. Then there’s the inspiring lyrics augmented with tons of catchy melodies and choruses. The album also presents the first totally acoustically orchestrated ballad from Lucky Bastardz, in the form of the mournful track Tear In The Wind.
The artwork for Be the One is by Tiziano Spigno and the tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio (San Marino).
“We don’t need a hero, we all can be gods” – Be The One
Be The One | Released February 8th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records
Track Listing:
01. Holy War | 02. Shed Your Skin | 03. My Best Enemy | 04. Match My Rhyme | 05. The House By The Sea | 06. Not Your Idol | 07. Sail Away | 08. No One Else But Me | 09. Tear In The Wind | 10. Be The One

Album Guests:
Francesco Albertazzi (Ukulele on The House By The Sea) | Antonio Agate (Orchestration on Tear In The Wind) | Carla Lupo (Flute on Tear In The Wind)

Lucky Bastardz are: 
Tiziano “Titian” Spigno – Vocals | Pietro “Pacio” Baggi – Guitar | Marco “Mark” Lazzarini – Drums | Paolo “Mr Tnt” Torrielli – Bass

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