Coming at you from the city where Slash grew up and Lemmy’s birthplace, Brit hardcorers OF LEGIONS are a towering, raw, and formidable group. The Stoke quartet are influenced from many areas – punk, metal, rock and hardcore, and name everyone from Black Flag, Slipknot and Parkway Drive, as influences. OF LEGIONS drop their debut album, Face Value, on Friday 16th February and they just revealed a new video for, No Loyalty, .

Formed in 2015 and featuring guitarist Sam Morrey, vocalist Luke Mansfield, bassist Ollie Lewis and drummer Nath McCue, OF LEGIONS crafted their sound and the right line-up around the release of their second EP, Blacklisted. The record helped to solidify the band and placed the hardcore crew on the map. An increase in followers and a flood of support slots soon followed, as the foursome began to share stages with the likes of Gideon, Desolated, Silent Screams, Liferuiner, Martyr Defiled, TRC, Machete 187, Continents, and Brokencyde.

OF LEGIONS will rise ever further as they set loose their explosive new album, Face Value. Delivering nine cuts of blistering hardcore-infused metal, the Northern riff beasts’ debut full length is a diverse offer, and one that packs a serious blow to the senses. Look out for their new single, No Loyalty, . 2018 is set to be a busy year for the ascending hardcorers.

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