News: One Man Studio Band NATE BOHNET Premieres Video "Chaotic" via PureGrainAudio; New Album Out Feb 16th

One man studio artist and Nuclear Oath bassist NATE BOHNET is ready to reveal his "Therapeutic Destruction" on his debut solo album all recorded, mixed and mastered with his producer touch at his Medicine Hat, AB based Octave Studios. Sharing with the world his emotional, groovy, melodic, organic, and therapeutic sounds, this is music cut from the very heart, a sonic sampling of a man’s soul, and while such cuts are deep and painful, the art created thereof is that of pain purged, for creator and listener alike, a symbiotic salvation if you will. Having lost his parents as a very young child; Nate has truly experienced what he writes about.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines Destructive as “a pulling down, overthrow’ and Therapy as “pertaining to the healing art, curative’, so it is fully appropriate for Bohnet’s debut solo album to be entitled Therapeutic Destruction, for, like all true artists Nate has mined the rich seam of his own hard-experienced life experiences for inspiration.

“This album is centred around the concept that music is therapy. We all go through times in our lives where nothing seems to make sense, everything is on the edge, and you don’t know what will happen next. We have all loved, laughed, lost, and experienced tremendous grief and joy in our time alive. ‘Therapeutic Destruction’ means harnessing all the negative energy that comes into your life, and unleashing it in music that some might consider destructive. I felt that the title fits the main idea of the album; using music as a way of therapy and harnessing it in such a way as to allow myself to deal with aspects of my life, and if one song reaches you and connects with you; it has done its job. The overarching message is that regardless of all these low points in our lives, all we have to do is push forward and strive. The only thing holding you back is your mind.” says Bohnet.

Teaming up with PureGrainAudio.comNATE BOHNET is premiering his second single and lyric video "Chaotic" featuring Regan Mayer (The Avulsion/Bring Your Own Bodies).

Bohnet adds:

"This track is about controlling the darker version of yourself that you know exists, but nobody else does."

“Therapeutic Destruction” features 14 heart felt heavy tracks and due out February 16, 2018 for free download.

The first single "Suicidal Illusions" is also streaming at the following link: plus available for free download on Bandcamp

Track Listing:
1. Breaking Through The Walls 04:26
2. The Sensation Of Falling 03:56
3. Chaotic (Feat: Regan Mayer) 04:40
4. The Infinite Struggle (Feat: Tokey & Pete Mercer) 03:41
5. Blight Of The Mind (Feat: Colton Charette & Cesar Hicken) 04:05
6. Ships In The Sky 04:48
7. The Painted World 06:08
8. Serpents Tongue (Feat: Nathan Trash) 02:49
9. Suicidal Illusions (Feat: Pete Mercer) 04:28
10. My Liberation (Feat: Kelson James) 04:09
11. Silence Falls (Feat: As A Vessel) 04:12
12. Hollow (Feat: Chris Saunders) 04:07
13. Homeward Bone (Feat: Micah Kutzley) 04:20
14. Covered In Stone (Feat: Chandler Weinkauf) 05:08
Album Length: 1:00:47

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