News: Rough Hands release first single!

Neuroplasticity is the first single from Rough Hands' Moral Terror. Neuroplasticity is as unforgiving as it is unwelcoming, its sheer abrasive power is a statement. Neuroplasticity is a crushing onslaught of sonic power that pulls in comparisons to acts like Code Orange, Neurosis, Deftones and Type O Negative. Exploring progressively ethereal tones, Rough Hands have managed to simultaneously retain their sense of urgency, complexity and sheer ferociousness. Resisting temptation to unleash their full force until it is absolutely necessary, Rough Hands are able to demonstrate texture and supernal individuality within their own songs.

Moral Terror vinyl is pressed on frosted clear 12" wax and limited to just 300 copies.

Release Date: 13th April 2018 

Rough Hands will be performing live with Venn Records' Higher Power on February 11th at Brighton's The Green Door Store.

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