News: SCORCHED: 20 Buck Spin To Release Excavated For Evisceration By Delaware Death Metal Horde; Record Streaming At Decibel Magazine

20 Buck Spin has Delaware-based brutal death metal horde SCORCHED in the label's clutches for the release of Excavated For Evisceration - encompassing two prior recordings on one LP - as a prelude to their release of the band's impending second LP later this year. Excavated For Evisceration has been made available for streaming at Decibel Magazine. 
Endure the pulverization of SCORCHED and stream Excavated For Evisceration at Decibel RIGHT HERE.
20 Buck Spin will issue Excavated For Evisceration on LP and digital formats on Friday, April 13th; find preorders at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.
For the past few years SCORCHED has steadily built a reputation for classic savage Northeast style death metal; skull-caving heaviness, video-nasty warped synth interludes, and a cinematic taste for the gruesome and murderous. Their 2016 debut LP Echoes Of Dismemberment was as subtle as a brain-matter covered sledgehammer, a paean to everything that makes death metal still freshly relevant with an ever-growing fanbase after thirty years.
Excavated For Evisceration collects the band's sadistic 2017 promo tape Hymns From The Cellar on the A-side and their ferocious 2015 demo on the B-side. The tracks have here been mastered by Dave Otero (Khemmis, Nightbringer) and appropriately supplied with demo-style cover art by Stephen Somers (Phantasm, Dr. Shrinker). Through both of these records, and the band's punishing live show, SCORCHED emerges to take the reins of the next wave of US blood-red brutality.
Later in 2018, 20 Buck Spin will release the second full-length LP from SCORCHED, but first the label presents Excavated For Evisceration as a vinyl-only platter to introduce the band on the label. Fans of Cannibal Corpse, Morta Skuld, Vastum, Grave, Autopsy, Acephalix, Gatecreeper, and other grim death acts will not want to pass this by.
Having recently toured with Morta Skuld and Embalmer, SCORCHED is busy plotting more live carnage for the year. The band will tour the Western US in late spring and will then perform at Migration Fest in Pittsburgh this summer with tour plans surrounding the event. Stand by for more updates in the weeks ahead.
Excavated For Evisceration Track Listing:
1. Enter The Cellar
2. Existence Dissolved
3. Gruesome Procedure
4. Altar Of Desecration
5. Emerging Decay
6. Fevered Souls
7. Caverns Of Catharsis
8. Tools Of Murder
9. Fields Of Famine
10. Fire Burial

11. Scorched

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