News: Test Your Metal Records: Sci-Fi Metal XAEL Unleash New Video "Last Arbiter" + Offer Free Download

Recently signing to Vancouver, BC's TEST YOUR METAL RECORDS this past December, North Carolina sci-fi metallers XAEL have their next video offering "Last Arbiter" as part of their forthcoming sci-fi adventure album of the same title set for later release in 2018. 

Following their previously unleashed story tracks "Apathy of the Immortal", "Watchers of Xan", "SRAI (Chained to the Demon of Erring)" available for free download on bandcamp here"The Last Arbiter" continues their science fiction experience with the following excerpt.

"I arrived on this alien world, along with the watchers of Xan seeking only their counsel, that they would welcome my wisdom and forsake their warfarin ways. They entertained our thoughts and for a second, took interest in our endeavors but it was short lived.  

    Upon the chambers of the Tymeer capitol, news came declaring war between the three houses of Tymeer which included the outer colonies of the inhabited star system of Ezhani Yata Edaa.  It was imperative to quail the feuds of the Tymeer, being that they are the great seat of the “tribunal of the outer rim.”  It's an old world, an odd and barbaric place.

    During our visit, we were to witness a odd assortment of events, each one heralded by a enigmatic and cloaked figure, one that I witnessed whispering with one of the master counselors. It seems to be an assassin of a sorts, something we have grown quite fond of in our travels, but this one seemed eerily gifted and was upon our shadows before we were aware.   

    The warships floated over head as I left the capitol.  Once again, bearing witness to their idiocy, I am leaving them to their fate for it is now none of my concern.  It is time to go into exile once more, for they will soon scar the planet.  
As I ventured into the wastelands I could hear the barrage of weapons and explosions, shaking the foundation in which I step.  Fools, for their lust of desire erodes them from within.  Leaving the watchers of Xan in the city, I began walk in the wastelands aimlessly, wounded not by weapons or hate but by the pride and desires of the sentient world, hoping to find purpose once more."

Watch "Last Arbiter" at the following link: 

Vocalist / guitarist / studio drummer Nassaru adds about their forthcoming debut album:

“We will have eight songs standard and two instrumental tracks. Instead of releasing an album upfront, we want fans to share in our progress in a musical series, releasing two songs a month to allow more time for fans to appreciate the work and for us to best represent the songs in some form of art to convey the entirety of our vision….The album series is called ‘The Last Arbiter’, referring to the protagonist’s mission in the story and his pursuit of an unattainable purpose in pacifying the destructive nature of the sentient world. It will be different and very diverse, but at its core it is extreme metal, melodies in abundance, and storytelling bard style! So I believe it will be refreshing…something different combining symphonic and folk elements with brutal metal…We want to paint a soundscape, a myriad of imaginative and diverse environments while exploring the complications of being sentient and self-aware.”

In additional news, XAEL's debut live performance will be as local support for the Septic Flesh, Dark Funeral and Thy Antichrist North American tour stop in Spartanburg, SC on March 13th (full details here).

XAEL vocalist / guitarist / studio drummer Nassaru comments:

"We are very excited for the opportunity to open for Septicflesh, Dark Funeral, and Thy Antichrist and especially for our debut show, which will be at Ground Zero (venue) in Spartanburg, SC. Our appearance here will mark the beginning of our live endeavors as we take our show on the road. Having the opportunity to open for music acts that we respect and as fans ourselves is the best way for us to kick off our journey!"

XAEL was founded by Nassaru of Rapheumets Well/Enthean as well as Sorgiem “Daniel Presnell,” Tuurm “Alex Rush” from Enthean, and Xolotl “Fernando Ortega” and features various guest artists. Vocalist / guitarist / studio drummer Nassaru describes the band's music as “a thought provoking metal journey.”

Music Video - "Apathy of The Immortal" - 

The Last Arbiter Audio Story Video - 

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