News: Wolverhampton, UK's DEARIST Releasing Sophomore LP 'Sonder' on April 27

Wolverhampton, UK rockers Dearist will release their sophomore full-length, 'Sonder,' via Spartan Records on April 27.
A track off the forthcoming release ("Drowning") is debuting today on The Alternative.
Adam Binder (vocals/guitar) says, "This song made it onto the new album pretty early, I was listening to a lot of mid tempo 90’s alternative rock at the time and I wanted to write a song with that same semi-dreamy vibe. I had that intro riff going on a loop pedal in the studio for about 2 hours just vibing off it. We’ve actually being playing this song live for a few months now so anyone that’s seen us live recently may recognise it.
As for the lyrical content, like all songs on this new album, its written about other people I know, and what it would be like to be in their shoes. Drowning is about a person that has been through a tough time and they are finding it hard to move on with their life. It’s about getting stuck in what’s happened in the past and not being able to shake off those experiences."
Pre-order 'Sonder' at:
All pre-orders include an instant download of the song “Drowning” as well as the band’s newly remastered debut album “This House Has No Windows.”
Track Listing:
1. Front Matter
2. Beaches
3. Fool's Heart
4. Drowning
5. Demuto
6. Essex 1820
7. Part Of You
8. Half Light
9. Shame
10. Pentonville
11. Colours

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