Track By Tracks: Hypnothetical - Synchreality (2018)


The journey begins! The descent into the human soul, in search of light, where there is the shadow! It is an instrumental dominated by apocalyptic suggestions, where the soft keyboard-like fabric is contrasted by the cold and ruthless scores, the clash between opposite but complementary human feelings!


The theme is the solitude of modern man, forced, very often, to adapt to all sorts of compromises, just to live! The initial scream wants to recall Munch and his beautiful painting, also in this song there are alternations of moments of instrumental suspension and frontal rhythmic assaults, an emotional swing that condenses in the choruses and in the solo until the finale, where the scream of Munch returns more thunderous than ever, a claim to those who want us to bend like trees!


The atmosphere becomes increasingly cold, mankind seeks answers in the depths of the cosmos, seeking God, seeking tribal religions in which to take refuge, ending up creating his convictions, giving a name to its fear, death! After a tribal and rhythmically cripple beginning the band attacks frontally with hysterical and compulsive accelerations! Aggression dominates! Melodic openings on the razor's edge, quick and obsessive! Manking searches for sounds in space but does not listen to its own scream!


We return to earth! The spell of love! It's an immediate song, the guitar scores are embraced with the vocal counterpoints recreating a romantic pathos, easy to assimilate! The song travels on syncopated rhythms and grows more and more until the liberating finale, where a warm embrace restores order in the feelings that animate man and woman!


Industrial memories remain, the awareness that the destiny of humanity is desperately linked to the concept of industrialization! 


The most intimate side of the album emerges! The initial atmosphere is based on a rarefied landscape! Synchreality is digital dreaming! Is this perhaps the future of man? Can we really be present or are we a digital projection in search of identity? How much importance will we give to our real dreams? Inevitable, impossible to restrain! The song is built in layers, it reveals new aspects as it makes its way! Even here the central solo acts as a watershed and pushes us towards the bridge where the scores become sinuous tentacles up to the epilogue, where a carpet of keyboards is repeatedly raped by a martial and ruthless gait, where the industrial memories remain!

Melancholic arpeggios, solo suspensions between bass and guitar, until you get to the end that once again explodes, like a strong repressed emotion!


Chitchat suffocate the world! The gossip, the chronicle, the gratuitous wickedness that comes from the lips of Mother Destruction! Lies that saturate politics, false religious mercy! Sometimes all of this makes us crazy! The final song, before the outro, is probably the most muscular moment of the album! In this song the rhythmic gets more and more intense, with inquisitive backing vocals alternating with an alienating singing, everything is pushed with electric shocks until the once again liberating finale, which drags us into the final vortex, in search of peace and serenity! 


Introduced by an obsessive and twisted riff, groovy, this song just wants to unleash movement! The solstice of emotions, a reflection on the difficult relationship between flesh and soul, materiality and spirituality! Looking for balance! In the end, after a hypnotic bridge the song breaks the banks, like a tsunami, in a drift of emotions!


A very special song. It's detached from the rest of the album, it looks like digital wants to claim even more space, the base is fully programmed, however the warm voice of Davide manages to heat properly, giving to this song, born acoustically in 2006, a dress more suited to the concept behind the album! The theme is the hatred of those who would like to love but can not!


The finale is reserved to the liberation of the senses! After having experienced all the possible sensations, after having given vent to anger, hatred and love, man simply seeks oblivion. Trying to be moved, with his tears he is aware that, with a human soul dominated by feelings, will never be at peace with himself, and that his mind will necessarily have to turn into something totally new, that no one will ever explain but which everyone will have to face!

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