ILSA: Noisey Streams Corpse Fortress Full-Length In Its Entirety; Record To See Release Friday Via Relapse

Underground death doom cult ILSA will unleash their anticipated Corpse Fortress full-length this Friday via Relapse Records. Noisey is currently offering an advance listen of the monster release noting, "

Corpse Fortress rides hard along the crumbling path trodden by down-tuned degenerates like Autopsy, Bolt Thrower, Asphyx, and crust punk heavyweights Antisect and Anti Cimex, and is crowned with a warm, wooly guitar tone that's pure rotten filth, a subterranean low end, and strained, shredded vocals."
Hear Corpse Fortress courtesy of Noisey at THIS LOCATION.
ILSA weaves together tales of depravity and devil worship on their Relapse debut Corpse Fortress.Recorded by Kevin Bernsten (Full Of Hell, Code Orange, Magrudergrind, Integrity) in Baltimore, Maryland at Developing Nations, Corpse Fortress delivers nine tracks forged in filth with dense layers of emotionally draining sludge, murky, primordial doom, and feedback-laden, crusty death metal. Corpse Fortress is easily the rawest, most abhorrent, and nasty album in ILSA's decade-long career and the perfect soundtrack for the initiated miscreants of this rapidly dying orb.
Corpse Fortress will drop March 2nd on CD, LP, deluxe LP and digital formats via Relapse Records. Physical packages are available via HERE and digital downloads via all retail outlets HERE.
ILSA has begun announcing 2018 tour dates including an exclusive headline show in Baltimore, Maryland on March 10th and a performance in Washington, D.C. on April 2nd with labelmates Primitive Man and Genocide Pact. Stay tuned for more tour news in the not so distant future.
3/10/2018 Sidebar - Baltimore, MD
4/02/2018 Atlas Brew Works - Washington, D.C. w/ Primitive Man, Genocide Pact
Formed in 2008, Washington, D.C.-based sextet ILSA has wasted no time in spreading its unique brand of cloying, compelling, death/doom throughout the underground and beyond. Ever since the release of their debut full-length The Maggots Are Hungry (Odium Generis Humani), ILSA has lived and breathed a raw musical lifestyle, producing nearly one effort every year, including three additional full-length LPs and three splits with like-minded extreme metal comrades Coffins, Seven Sisters Of Sleep, and Hooded Menace. Each release features the detailed black and white artwork of drummer Joshy Brettell, who also drums in the legendary hardcore act Integrity. The band has shown just as much ambition on the live circuit as well, performing at numerous festivals including Maryland Deathfest and various shows with Windhand, Noothgrush, Full Of Hell, Magrudergrind, and many others. After the May 2015 release of the band's fourth album, The Felon's Claw (A389 Recordings), ILSA signed to Relapse Records for their impending fifth album, Corpse Fortress. No Gods; No Masters.
"...a glacially paced, heavily fuzzed-out crusher, featuring melodic leads and near infinite playability. It's mean and relentless, much like the band's new LP Corpse Fortress." -- Revolver on "Long Lost Friend"
"...a superb experience because it offers riveting song technicality and grand emotion...Their blend of death, doom, and sludge creates a cosmic atmosphere of dread and mystery -- grabbing audiences and dragging them into a profound darkness." -- Metal Injection
" of most sinister sludge records that you'll get to hear." -- Itdjents
"...undoubtedly a well-executed piece of crusty death doom, but what makes the record so special is its palpable sense of evil. The experience of listening to ILSA's latest seems designed to terrify, drain, crush, and then terrify the listener yet again. Metal records often have an 'evil' vibe, but Corpse Fortress invites the listener to enter into a darkened place that they've never been before." -- Punknews
"The mood is tense, the ambiance black as a moonless night and you're stuck with the unshakeable feeling that something sinister lies ahead." -- Ghost Cult

"The D.C band's fifth full length finds them continuing to hammer skulls in with the sheer density of their blown out brand of sludge. Dirty and squealing with feedback, something about their sound has always felt streetwise. This sense of danger makes me picture them waiting for a knife fight in the back alley of the club." -- Cvlt Nation
"ILSA have always been a band full of potential, but it really feels like this record is the one that drives them into the darkest corners and away from the light. It's this record that puts the fear of god in you and which reminds us that there is a darkness that we can't match." -- Two Guys Metal Reviews

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