News: ENDORPHINS LOST: Seattle Hardcore/Powerviolence Outfit Begins Western US Tour Today

Pacific Northwest hardcore/powerviolence unit ENDORPHINS LOST begins their latest tour offensive tomorrow, Wednesday, March 7th, taking to the streets across the Western US. The tour embarks out of their hometown of Seattle and makes a counter-clockwise path around the western half of the country through March 24th, and includes shows with Ghoul, Brainoil, Hummingbird Of Death, Theories, Infernal Coil, Immortal Bird, Woundvac Laughing Dog, 908, and many others, as well as a set at LA Speedfest.
ENDORPHINS LOST just released a split 7" with Osk through a coalition of underground labels including Rotten To The Core Records, Delusions Of Terror Records, Agromosh Records, You All Die Records, and New Age Pyrate Punks Records. The band is also working on additional new material which will be recorded later this year for their next LP, the follow-up to their bruising debut LP, Choose Your Way, which was released through Six Weeks Records in November 2016.
Stream and order the new ENDORPHINS LOST split and more at BandcampHERE.
Following the tour, ENDORPHINS LOST will enter the studio in May to record their second LP, Seclusions, which will be completed for release later this year. Watch for additional studio and tour updates from the band over the months ahead.
All looks good! I would add that the new LP is called "seclusions" and that we hit the studio to record that record in May immediately following this tour. It might be cool to mention that we are playing a lot of the new record on this tour? Other than that this looks smooth operator!
3/07/2018 The Kracken Bar - Seattle, WA w/ Das Helm, Savage, Disease
3/08/2018 High Water Mark - Portland, OR w/ Snakes, Born A Lot
3/09/2018 Oakland Metro Opera House - Oakland, CA w/ Ghoul, Brainoil, Redacted
3/10/2018 Unfair Oaks - Los Angeles, CA @ LA Speedfest
3/11/2018 The Garth - Las Vegas, NV w/ Product Lust, Struck Nerve
3/12/2018 Hotel Monte Vista - Flagstaff, AZ w/ Ligyrophobia, Vicious Chiller
3/13/2018 LBX - Phoenix, AZ w/ Sorrower, Woundvac, Drainage, Scrap Lord
3/14/2018Spark Project Collective - Tucson, AZ w/ Carbon Canyon, Dayak
3/15/2018 Apartment 512 Boutique - El Paso, TX w/ 1751
3/16/2018 The Moonlight Lounge - Albuquerque, NM w/ Diesel Drinker, Cripple
3/17/2018 The Triple Nickel Tavern - Colorado Springs, CO w/ Laughing Dog, 908, Blighter
3/18/2018 The 7th Circle Music Collective - Denver, CO w/ Laughing Dog, 908, Chemically Crippled
3/19/2018 Buckhorn - Laramie, WY w/ Euth, Emo Beach
3/20/2018 The Beehive - Salt Lake City, UT w/ Deep Romance, Shit Dogma, Establish, Ape Shit
3/21/2018 Treefort Fest - Boise, ID w/ Hummingbird Of Death, Immortal Bird, Denim Casket, Infernal Coil, Rejection Pact
3/22/2018 Di Pizza - Bend, OR w/ Drone Wars, Iced, Samsara A.D.
3/23/2018 Airport Tavern - Tacoma, WA w/ Earth Control, Theories, Generation Decline
3/24/2018 Cherry Bomb - Port Angeles, WA w/ Northern Bastard, Masterkush Ultra, Noose

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