Track By Tracks: In-Defilade - Elude (2017)

1. Will To Survive:

This represents the madness and “end of the rope” mental state one would find themselves in when isolated and witnessing oppressive acts. He feels he has no choice but to rend asunder as many as possible affected by his rage. Some would call him insane and say that his actions are unjust. They would strike fear into all affiliated with his target audience. They'd look over their shoulders and check the windows, doors, and extra security added for them to feel safe. Little do they know, however, that one man with intent and patience will reach his objective by any means necessary. A blood-drenched reminder that the backs of the innocent bear the scars of the empire's millennial whips.

2. Fearing the Worst: 

The obvious stand against theocratic enemies who empty the pockets of their own people to empower themselves into disgusting displays of wealth. They use every possible scenario to justify their means. They polarize the poor and the less educated to relinquish all of their liberties unto them. If they don’t get what they want, they ignite warfare upon their own kind. Not by bullets and swords usually (though that would be the go-to for most of them), but by creating lives of agony and hopelessness. Either by famine, which has always been a strategy successful in crushing indigenous peoples, or by collapsing the structures of society within which the slaves reside. Their prophecies and icons are rebooted and renovated to continually subdue those beneath their cloud of stolen wealth. In so many words, it means that all the slaves will continually be fearing the worst and never be free nor liberated from these vile creatures they place upon pedestals as they continually watch their kind over and over again be enslaved by one or the other. Religion is strictly political, and I will never look at it as anything but man's fiendish way of selfishly gaining power solely for himself. Christians were ingenious at this, and Muslims use the exact playbook that they watched unfold. Both are equally disgusting, and both serve no beneficial purpose to the lives they inflict with their forced, indoctrinated mental illness. If one can be freed by
stopping the birth of a so-called creator, then that is what is wished for. If only...

3. Apparent Adversary:

Told through the eyes of an enlightened person, exposed to truths, watching the sheep flock around people who incessantly do them harm. They walk amongst the crowds of slaves and are never touched. Justice and prison bars flee from them as if they are immune to the system they created to freely move throughout. Some, however, have seen enough and are determined to expose and/or neutralize such a virus. To hear innocent children screaming at the loss of all when you’ve built everything in your life around keeping them safe. When totalitarian leaders and kleptocratic theocracies encroach upon your liberties and purposefully inflict suffering to make you submit in one way or another. When the ones you care for are suffering from such things, you tend to want to either disengage completely, or if you become cornered, your only choice is to fight your way out into an open space.

4. Return of Affliction:

This is a literal action bounding straight off the heels of “Apparent Adversary." The pot has boiled over, and there is nowhere to turn. The explosive nature of being vengefully desperate. The empire has destroyed everything, and those who implemented your current status into ruin reside under a false protection. Their perpetration of the burning of the future of your children after so many sacrificed for its preservation can lead to only one thing: justice through cleansing of the rats spreading the fleas of despair.

5. Drown the Child:

The bond that ties our brotherhood together is one that is despised. A fabric that eroded to the illusions that powers force upon you. A mother that drags her child from the rubble covered in blood either folds into despair and submits or gains a sense of vengeance that no man can imitate. To seek out all who brought upon this despair and bring them to justice in her own way brings forth a decision of great consequences. Her insatiable desire to cleanse what’s left becomes an inspiration to those who love and care for her. To end all life coming from the loins of the men who slaughtered in the name of wealth, religion, and power. To seek one's life, one must be assured that the other side is willing to return in spades. The breaking of a cycle of destructive ways and the tearing apart of liberties. To end all that is passed through the hands of those entrusted with the protection of the masses. To ultimately end a cycle of totalitarian thought. A woman soaked in the blood of her offspring would hopefully never arise again by the kleptocratic regimes that thrive on the agony of others. That once again the circles of free will and collective ideas become precedent for the greater outcome. Tragically, those who endure such misery shall be erased, and all who support it are threats and treated as such.

6. Guilty:

A final judgment. The continuum of mankind constantly repeating its ways. Over and over, the theocratic imposing upon liberty and the balanced lives of the tribes that sought their own world. By default, they are guilty by association and by the justification of the words they rewrite to infiltrate minds. In turn, they slaughter at will, and the mental illness once again circles back to facilitate its disturbing and nauseating infractions upon all living and non-living things.

7. Infecting the Ranks:

When likeminded tribes form, and by no faults of their own, the usual rodent being infiltrates, posing as one of them, infecting the minds and souls of the circle. Casually stealing, undermining your women, disrespecting the balance and the loyalty that’s expected of all. Molesting children even, and raping the daughters for their own sick need. These snakes are stealthy and camouflaged. Upon suspicion, they will lie and instill possible fear into the small and innocent for silence. “The canary in the coal mine” is a common phrase referencing a method used to test if the air is poisonous in a mine. The phrase is the same when seeking out vermin amongst your kind. These types—everyone knows at least one. If the world is in peril, and nothing recognizable of this technocracy remains, these are the types that would steal the last potato from your starving children and kindly act in sadness as they wither and die. These are the worst of humans and deserve the worst of what can be dealt them. They serve to dissolve and feed the true creatures of innocence and survival to give us shade and wood for future fires of life.

8. Make Them Eat Glass:

Again, a scenario of hunting the architects who purposely collapse our world and gleefully attempt to impose power by acting as if they have the answers. They will starve you and attempt to enslave you by rationing out small bits of what they stole from you back to you. They act as if it’s a humanitarian effort to barely keep you alive, but in the grand scheme of the situation, it is only meant for you to submit to their will. Forcing you to do whatever it takes for your loved ones. To seek out these henchmen and inject into them a slow death by force is more for the personal satisfaction that such a glorious act of retribution provides.

9. The Collapse:

The act of what they thought would bring slaves for the empire brought nothing but ashes for all. A failure on their part, rendering everything purely into the complete destruction of the modern world. Maybe for the best that the architects have zero to use, as it would cultivate a new world for those who wish to create their own. A world of loyalty, balance, and fierce protection of their own kind. To never be slaves, to treat the women the others so “explored” with equal and undeniable respect. To create strength through honor and tested brotherhood. As the weak fall away and only the strong will be taught through the new and old ways of balanced tribes. The falcon represents the tenacious will to protect its nest. Its fierce and tiny body is a weapon lethal to those who breach its territory. The wolves set to balance through protecting the pack, calculating hunts to sustain their own kind. The maternal instinct sets the precedent of creating the new breed. The warrior strength of men who seek to be the frontline to see the likeminded world through. All outside the circle are suspect until proven otherwise, and all who threaten will be neutralized.

10. Women and Children First:

The constant threat of theologians will always be part of their scene to enthrone those who wish for power above their slaves. By invisible sky gods, they justify the means of enticing the murderously mentally deranged to do their bidding. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the hierarchy of Islam. By using the same playbook as Christians, they seek to claim more than a chunk of world wealth and power. As with deranged Christians who slaughtered their way around the world to absorb all wealth of kinds tribal. It is no different than those ways, only 300 years on the backside. They force their people to submit by pure fear and create henchmen to do their bidding by enslaving the families of able men. Swimming in wealth, they send the message through a false faith of disloyalty into the children, and by generational indoctrination, they have their future to burn all at the hands of the poor and hopeless. A command to rape and breed out all lands they infest. A slow genocide. The empire perpetuates this by feeding them money and wealth. Ultimately, they will be the frontline of the true hierarchy that plays upon their strings. With commands to rape and infest, a war is set upon us. The means of such a sinister and insidious scheme call only for an equal if not more insidious response. In war, especially a war against ideals and imaginary gods that justify their murderous and genocidal acts, a proper response is rendering them a depletion of a reproductive future. The call to eliminate all women and children before engaging the men would be tactically sound to those being slowly snuffed out. It may sound extreme, but if all that’s left of the world has collapsed along with your will to survive and create a world for your own, it would be the last effort before dying at the hands of those that outnumber you 8-1. Eventually, as the smoldering and dead technologies with no power or monetary means regenerate, would they be under the theocratic slave state or one of true liberty? The mortal wound is yet to be seen.

11. Mourning on the Horizon:

The act of total destruction has taken place. The remnants of what was are blown away as dust and ash. It begins with the small stripping of liberty, then eventually, the invasion of all free thinking. The smashing in of doors under the cover of night because you are considered a threat to the regime. The murdering of your families as they lay in their beds. Then, the collapse occurs. There will be those of the empire who will stand upon the ashes and rubble to preach about humanity and morality. At this time, they will be slaughtered in anger and their corpses paraded through the streets, leaving streaks of blood along what’s left of those busy streets. They will be forced into hiding, and like rodents between rocks, our knives will jab at them where they hide. It would be a necessity to cleanse these mental defects out of the line of progress when a true rebuild begins. When they purposefully imposed anguish, anguish will be returned. The attempts to create a slave state will be thwarted by any means necessary. A complete reset would be the only option, and true liberty would hopefully come of it. But will the infection of man’s need to burn all they gain circle back around? “Are you so frightened of the world without your murderous religions and boogiemen that man would not have the ability to comprehend existence? Shall we allow man to fall to the flames it is so destined to ignite?”

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