Behind The Artworks: Meat Train - Random Acts Of Carnage (2018)

We had a very specific idea for the album art. It had to reflect the whole idea of the 'pay it forward', Random Act of Carnage of the title track. The whole life improvement seminars, kind of sales pitch on self improvement mixed with the mass hysteria generated by the touring evangelists given by a charismatic speaker, an expert with great self belief and projection. We based that figure on our Meat man art from our debut album and dressed him up, fleshed him up and put him on a podium, we gave him a show, a platform with backdrops, namely the screens which if you look at have different images on them. He preaches or sells the very idea of performing and how to achieve your Random Act, it's a specialist act, not personal not based on a grudge,dislike or a beef with someone but a totally depersonalised act of paying forward some act of cruelty on a complete stranger. 

I believe we achieved that art through Ardha Lepa an artist from Indonesia.

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