News: Alternative Rock Upstarts The Dark Announce Their Debut Album Live.Create. Destroy.

Berlin, Germany-Alternative/Electro-Rock artists The Dark announce their new album Live.Create.Destroy.
The Dark brings back elements of 90’s rock in Live.Create.Destroy. The Dark channels a consistent sound throughout the entire album reminiscent of artists such as The KillersWhite Stripes, and She Wants Revenge . The new record welcomes Christian Eigner of Depeche Mode as a special guest on the song ProductLive. Create. Destroy. contains eleven tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by singer Brandon Ashley / DTuned MPG at his penthouse studio in Berlin.
Live.Create.Destroy. is a highly personal album for Vocalist/Composer Brandon Ashley... 

With this record I’m taking you back to the darkest years of my life where nothing made sense aside from pain and self-destruction. I wish to share these words and music so other people out there going through the same path could get inspired and find a way out.

Live.Create.Destroy. will be released May 3rd. To help celebrate the release they have made their cover of Crucify by Tori Amos available for streaming on Soundcloud and free download on their website, which can be heard HERE
1.Bad Gentleman 
2.Dirty Girl 
3.Kids Of The Broken Kingdom 
4.Black Flag 
5.Last Day We Kissed 
9.In The End 
10.Lost At Sea 
11.Bleeding Black


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