News: FYKE Releases Official Music Video for "AWAKE"!

LA Based rock band FYKE has released the official music video for their single, "AWAKE," off of the 2017 released via Universal Music EP, Nightmares. Originally unveiled to enthusiastic fans on AP Facebook LIVE PREMIERE, "Awake" was directed by acclaimed music video director Brad Wong.

“We currently live in a society where self-worth is misconstrued as a factor of the things you own and how many followers you have on social media. The message that we’re trying to share with “Awake” is that money and fame do not equate to happiness.” – FYKE

Track List

1. Nightmares 
2. Insecure 
3. Favorite Mistake 
4. Vices 
5. Human 
6. Sleepers 
7. Nightmares (Below Zero Version) 
8. Captured 
9. Awake 
10. Fin

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