News: V/A 'Tracks You Might Have Missed Vol 3', out 15th June via Thumbhole Records

Tracks You Might Have Missed V3 arrives on Friday 15th June and it promises to be the strongest compilation released to date by popular independent label, Thumbhole Records.

Featuring twenty four emerging bands, Tracks You Might Have Missed V3, is a stunning collection of the freshest artists on the planet. It's a formidable assembly that includes cuts from high-flying New York pop-punkers, SEMI-PRO, Scotland tunesmiths, ALTERED SKY, rising Brit-rock crew, CARRY THE CROWN, and so many more.

The album has been complied and will be released by Thumbhole Records. If you are new to the label, Thumbhole is the brainchild of Dan Allman, who set up Thumbhole Records in 2012 to help support aspiring alternative/punk bands and artists. Since this time, Thumbhole have successfully released the Punkalicious series, as well as the initial Tracks You Might Have Missed releases.

Tracks You Might Have Missed V3 boosts an impressive repertoire of underground bands. From the anthemic hooks of HIGHLIVES, the post-hardcore beatings of I PLEAD GUILTY, and the melodic punk of BETTER THAN NEVER, the album is literally brimming with amazing bands. From back to front this release flows and ferociously flies the flag for up and coming bands. V3 is an elixir for hungry fans seeking new punk rock and alternative bands. The album is available from Friday 15th June via . See below for full track listing details and for band profiles, hit up - .

1. SEMI-PRO - Sunny; 
2. ALTERED SKY - Stupid In The Dark; 
Animals; 4. CANAVAR - Sacrilege; 
5. VICTORY KID - My World; 
6. SORRY MOM - Rupture; 
7. WITHIN SHADOWS - Enough Is Enough; 
8. LAST HOUNDS - Lay Me Down;
9. SHARK BAIT - Please Guy; 
10. CARRY THE CROWN - Fire; 
11. BETWEEN THE LINES - To The Wind; 
12. HEAVY SLEEPER - Night Swim; 
13. LIFE IS SHORT - Life Is Short; 
14. HIGHLIVES - Nothing Left; 
15 - SHACKLEFORD - Dopamine;
16. I PLEAD GUILTY - For The Sake Of Nothing; 
17. BARE TEETH - Parted Ways;
19. LATTE+ - It's Ok for Us; 
20. BETTER THAN NEVER - Learning To Swim; 
21. REALMS - Painted Demons ; 
23. SUNSET RADIO - Surrounded; 
24. A FEW TOO MANY - Moving Forwards.

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