Track By Tracks: Chaos Before Gea - Chronos (2018)


It may sound tipical, but the first track off the album is the first track we wrote for it. The first riff that came into the band along with Hernan developed into this song, which has all the basics for a CBG song: melody, groovy riffs and contrast between aggressive and melodic bits. Conceptually, the song opens up the last chapter of this trilogy with and astral journey through the void of space.


Right after the classical CBG song, we dive into new musical dimensions from now on, beginning with a different tuning for this song. Lower notes to highlight the ominous figure of Chronos, the deity. In this song, the ancient God weaves a new plan to restore life on Earth.


Another new musical ground for CBG, this piece begins with a mathcore storm aiming your way, which rises up to a momentum enhanced again with the contrast of the verse section. Tool fans may be very pleased with this one. As for the concept, the new stage of human race is set.


Beginning with a distinctive guitar section that progresses to be the chorus of the song, the song blows into a brutal verse that collides with the lyrics and tone of the pre- chorus. The song evolves into another classic CBG middle section, playing with polyrythmic breakdowns and Mastodonesque guitars, and comes back to the first riff for an epic downbeat outro. Title says it all regarding the story.


In another style shift, the band explores a more ambiental atmosphere to talk about the change from conscience to consciousness. Basing the song on intensity rather than speed, the guitar riffs along with the rythm section sway you through the realisation of the futility of modern life, culminating with a rising outro that ends with a clear message: I hated the world since I met it.


Since ancient times, there are rites loaded with mysticism and alchemy that enable you to be transported to a world beyond the world. In the more intricate song off the album, the band builds up a guided trip through every corner of both worlds, physical and spiritual. When you come across and fork in the road, people get stucked between A and B when there could be infinite angles to look from. With this new view, the main character learns about Chronos’ new plan for him and human kind.


It´s feature time! For this song, an it´s message, collaborations were needed to give full sense to the lyrics, talking about the chosen nine and their failure to save humans from their destructive spiral. Ismael shares vocal lines in this song with the rest of the band and his brother Javi (from the band Southwind), Christian N. Walsh (from The Hum), Tornay (owner of Wave Nation Studios) and many more friends. 

After a rather standard structure of verse, pre-chorus, chorus and again, the song takes a turn of events when all hope is lost again, and Erebo is summoned.


To finish the trilogy, and continuing with the trend set on Khâron, the last song is the most brutal off the album. Ouroboros, the snake that bites it´s tail. As the trilogy begun, Erebo, nemesis, cover seas and mountains in minutes. Nations asume the cataclism is man-made and start killing each other. The circle closes and the story ends where it started (or is it where it begun?).

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