Track By Tracks: Infrared - Saviours (2018)

Saviours is a mature progression from the No Peace album but still maintains it’s heavy thrash roots. The theme is based on the album title which depicts the horror of what can occur when self-proclaimed saviours come to power. Each song touches on this theme, but each song is unique in how it covers the theme.

1. Project Karma: 

This song is an uprising song where an elite group of individuals who are not in power recruit other like-minded individuals and rail against the elites who are in power and have abused the system for too long.

2. The Demagogue:

A song about those who rise to power by doing and saying what the masses want to hear but have no actual belief in it other than it will server themselves. The song follows the rise and the after math of giving such a person too much power.

3. Saviour: 

This one covers the theme of the album in a more generic way of how those in power can abuse and terminate regular people from the masses. Its imagery is that of defiant people meeting their end, and submissive people finding their place in a controlled society while their culture and heritage is completely removed.

4. The Fallen: 

This song pays tribute to those who are sent to the front lines of war as well as at home to combat those who would do harm, but all the while are potentially doing so for people who are sending them to do their bidding for their own self serving purposes.

5. All in Favour:

Is an uprising song as well, but this one is about the common folk who simply have had enough and rally to pull the abusing elites from their penthouses and make them pay for the sins against their fellow man.

6. They Kill for Gods:

Shows how the youth are brainwashed from an early age to spread their ideology and religion by violence.

7. Father of Lies:

Is the most layered song on the album. It’s first three verses are pulled directly from the Bible which describes the Father of Lies (Satan), but the song moves to show the abuses of power from the clergy against its own practitioners, mainly children, in such an evil manner that it is clear they are no better than the father of lies they preach against. So here we have a group of people portraying themselves as saviours all while living complete lies and spewing lies in an effort to conceal and satisfy their sick desires.

8. Genocide Convention: 

The closing song on the album addresses the abuses against the Indigenous Peoples in Canada, from residential schools to complete genocide of a culture. The song calls for the country’s population to see and hear and understand the Indigenous Peoples’ pleas.

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