Track By Tracks: KANSEIL – FULÌSCHE (2018)

1. Ah, Canseja!:

The voice and the pen of Pier Franco Ulliana brings us to forest of Cansiglio, a place full of history and secrets, imagined as young mysterious girl, which doesn’t matter how deeply you know her, she will always be a wild free spirit that no one can posses.

2. La battaglia del Solstizio:

June 1918. The last great battle between the Italian and the Austro-Hungarian army was fought on the shores of the river Piave, which became the sacred river of the Homeland and memory.

Those days of war were signed by gruesome and ruthless fights with great losses on both sides, but illness and hunger were the common enemy, the true reapers of this tragic historical event.

3. Ander de le Mate:

The Ander de le Mate is a cave located on mount Cimon di Palantina. It’s one of the most mysterious and densely charged of energy place of the area. Many were the demons and spirits who lived there, within them, the “Mate”: women who were drove crazy and resided in the cave.

4. Pojat:

One of the most difficult and risky jobs in the old days was being charcoal burner. Building the “pojat”, the Venetian word for charcoal pile, was a meticulous process, truly an artwork. Charcoal used to be an important resource, both in the domestic and industrial environment. Often the hard work didn’t fairly pay back, forcing many of the worker to a life full of misery and difficulties, afflicted by occupational diseases.

5. Orcolat:

This piece was written in the memory of almost one thousand victims of the earthquake that struck the region Friuli-Venezia Giulia on May 6th 1976. The Orcolàt is the ogre from the legend that impute the causation of the earthquake to him.

Amariana, the little girl the Orcolàt was fallen in love with, was disgusted by the idea of marring the ogre after he kidnapped her. After a long time of imprisonment she asked the Snow Queen to set her free, but the only way was to die and become one with nature. The girl, even though  she was terrified, she decided she rathered die than marry the Orcolàt. The Snow Queen then turned her into a mountain, mount Amariana, which keeps her name today.

The Orcolàt was punished by being imprisoned inside mount San Simeone and, according to the legend, every time he tries to escape, he makes the ground tremble causing an earthquake.

6. Serravalle:

Serravalle is the historical neighbourhood located North of Vittorio Veneto, one of the most suggestive places in the whole town. The song is is dedicated to all the small Italian towns that sometimes we forget to observe in their simplicity and beauty.

7. Vallòrch:

Vallorch is a cimbrian gnome that narrates the story of an impossible love between an “Anguana”, a fairy of the forest, and a writer. Today Vallorch is the name of one of Cimbrian villages in Cansiglio.

8. Il lungo viaggio:

In the first decades of the 20th century, after the Great War, a condition of misery and poverty in Veneto and Italy didn’t allow a sheltered life for thousands of families, forcing them to migrate to new unknown places overseas, looking for luck and stability. This piece is dedicated to all of them who were forced  to leave, hoping they could come back one day to their Homeland.

9. Densilòc:

Nowhere. A place that doesn’t exist. There isn’t an exact translation of this Venetian term, which describes the state of mind the protagonist is living in. He’s alone, within the nature, in a time when it’s too soon for being morning, but too late for being still nighttime. He’s in complete harmony with his mind, his body and the environment around him, facing up to his fears and shadows of an uncertain future, appreciating the joys of this idyllic moment.

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