Track By Tracks: REDRUM04 - A New Era (2018)


This song describes how world is turning in this period ; wars that are going on every day, continue to destroy all the things and it seems like we don't have a chance to stop them. We insist on listening false promises which hide the truth. What I think is we cannot surrender the obvious, but try to react in every situation, also helping who is near us and seems to be hypnotized by this matter.


“Dirty Consequence” talks about everyone life, where we are obliged to go on accepting all the things that we cannot change. Believe in ourselves is nowadays the only thing we have to do, in order to forget the problems and join the dream that every people feel inside.


There's a person close to you, whom you are connected. You gave everything to this person but, going on, the situation changed becoming a tough spot.  You are not the cause, the main reason is why this relationship was born. You believed in her words, in her way to be but she tricked you. Finally you understood that you really don't need her to go on and the best thing is to go away. Nothing was referred to “us” but only to “her “so… believe in yourself and everything could be easier

4. WISE:

How difficult it is to realize your dreams.!!! Everything is against you because we are surrounded by absurd rules that do not allow you to live in peace, always subject to pressure. It seems that everything is against you but it is not so, if you commit to the end you can succeed in achieving what until yesterday seemed only a distant illusion

5. FAKE:

This song is about what everyone has in mind, always ... Sex! It's very subjective ... which of you has never thought about it? Nobody, don't be a liar ! It's like air, impossible to live without it !


The song is written to be a warning for the people to remember that we are nobody, like ashes to the wind or a spot in a long timeline. We have the duty of doing whatever it takes to be ourselves and, mostly because the world is dark, follow the road of light and love: the only real meanings of this fucking life.


Go ahead, always! Do not listen to what they say to stop you, it's just envy. If you want to do something, do it without delay. Do not consider  the negative or humiliating comments you will receive, because you will always be satisfied with what you have done by putting all the will you have. It is very difficult but it is one of the most beautiful things that exist. It has many good things to take away from useless people who can only judge and not do.

8. STAY:

The song is about the most important person I met in my life, my woman, Maya. It was like a bolt from the blue, it came and changed my life. I believe that everyone in life needs someone who can always be counted on and that is always there to accompany you in all things. Before it came it was a whole other world, I saw things differently, as if I were another person ..


Sometimes you find yourself facing something dark, negative. Something that does not make you appreciate the beautiful things you have and that makes you see everything dark. But then when you finally manage to become aware of your means and possibilities, you understand that you can do everything and achieve any goal. So do not listen to those who do not deserve to be heard away who does not deserve to stand by you and remain watching the light that illuminates a new day.


This song is dedicated to little Sebastian, the son of a couple of dear friends who have been following us for all of our adventures for over 15 years. At the time of his birth we felt like the need to capture this moment and use this song as a thank you for all the experiences lived together. The text reads: "everything that you will learn will never be enough, you have to try, try to live your life" and in this path he will always have two beautiful parents who will lead him along.

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