Track By Tracks: The Slyde - Awakening (2018)

1. Awaken:

An intro track; a swell erupting into scene of a protest. Mystery that sets up destruction for:

2. Walk With Me:

A straight forward, punk-inspired upbeat opening track with a breakdown catchy chorus and breakneck keyboard solo.  This song talks about media control and propaganda.  Reminds me of System Of A Down and Megadeth.

3. In Silence: 

About the metaphorical and literal abuse of people- contrasts of heavy intricate sections, with a quiet mid-section, ramps up into a rhapsodous catchy part then leads to a crazy screaming guitar solo! People might ‘get triggered’ by these lyrics because it has the word ‘rape’ in it.  Musically similar to The Fall of Troy, Megadeth, and Opeth.

4. These Wars: 

Happy joyful intro riff using major tonality, pretty heavy lyrics, contains a double guitar/key solo then more key solo. This song is about narcissism and the takeover of social media in society.  Musically similar to riffs heard in Soilwork, and Dream Theater.

5. Awakening:

The title track, usage of organ tones gives a Deep Purple vibe.  Quirky, monophonic riffs remind me of Dream Theater and Symphony X.  Also has a catchy chorus, and probably the most technical song on the album.

6. So Blind:

Another fast, punk and metalcore-inspired heavy song. Very catchy Chorus at 1:00. Awesome keys/guitar double solo, keys solo breaks out of double solo. Very dirty outro at 03:30 that abruptly shifts the pacing of the song. As is the title: No one can shove their way through the everyday hustle and bustle to see that the most basic of their own human rights are being eliminated. (the last 4 songs from here were previously released as an EP in 2017 called ‘Back Again’)

7. Fading:

Intro is a big anthemic auditorium sound. Lots of key and guitar dueling underneath soaring vocals.  The interplay between the guitar and keys remind me of old school In Flames and other Eurometal bands like Soilwork and MyGrain.  Aliens don’t want to be our friends. Humans are too messed up.

8. Join the Parade:

A more progressive cut from the album, using shifting meters, funky bass lines (reminiscent of Daft Punk), and a tempo change halfway through into a Metallica-inspired thrashy section for a keyboard solo.  Hooky chorus as well. The song is about not having freedom and conforming.

9. Divide:

Another Eurometal-inspired song with its guitar riffs, hard hitting drums and bass, and dualing keyboard and guitar lines.  Verses have punky vocals and chorus has a repeating call-and-answer hook from the backup vocals.  This song talks about the politics of division and fear, and was written in secret as an anti-trump song during the 2016 campaign.  Finishes with a moody piano outro.

10. Back Again:

Our only ballad on the album, this song is the most radio friendly of all the songs, and showcases the most dynamic and variety in our sound.  Lots of ambiance and sparse textures, with a middle section that has our signature sound that’s prevalent throughout the record, then comes back down to finish the song.  The tune was inspired by Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot concept and how the fragility and beauty of our world is taken for granted and often forgotten about.

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