Track By Tracks: VERILUN - Through Fire… In The Sun (2018)

1. Upon the mountain:

The first song is about the the evolution of the soul through multiple lifes symbolized by a long, painful act of climbing on an enermous mountain. As the climber gets higher and higher so improves the soul. The aim is to get to the top, where the climber sees the eternal sunlight above the clouds, and where the soul can leave this world and enter an other dimension.

This is the last song we wrote to the album, and there was already a time pressure on us to finish it on time, but it seems, it helped us to create a powerful song, which is strong enough to start the album with.

2. Untimely born:

This song is about people who were born in a wrong time, thus they were usually misunderstood, persecuted and many times killed. We know a lot of people like this from the history, and there are a lot of them nowadays too, but many of them must be hiding in order to survive. They are the ones who has the power to change something in this world, to make it a better place, but they cannot use this power, because the majority of mankind, (mis)led by the real political power (and the one hiding in the background) does not allow them to do so. There are some certain features of this decaying world mentioned, as well as some hidden and not well known phenomena which are considered as conspiraty theory by the mainstream media.

The musical themes of this song are quite old, Krisztian wrote them a quite few years ago. It was a surprise to us how melodic the refrain became, I think this is the point of the entire album which is the farthest from black or death metal considering the sound.

3. Seven years and seven winks:

According to an ancient Hungarian tale a horse - who was previously sacrificed to the God of Sun - needs seven years and seven winks to resurrect as a nag. Later, when the time comes and the horse and horseman (the youngest son of the king) find each other, the nag  becomes a steed who is able to fly faster than the thoughts, the wind, and they together bring the light back in the life of the people. Such a horse is called "táltos" in Hungarian, and it has a human equivalent too, who is something like a shaman, but there are significant differences between the two terms.

Musically it's also a relatively old song brought by Krisztian tuned-up with some keyboard melodies later.

4. Wanderer:

The very first song in time on the album. It is actually inspired by a project called Mars One with a goal of sending human settlers to Mars in 2031. This is a one way journey, who gets there never comes back to Earth. One of the settlers has a painful homesickness, so he learns a technique which allows him to travel home without his body via astral projection - he becomes a soul wanderer, who can get anytime wherever he wants.

This is the very first song we wrote to this album it has some doom stuff as well - I could have imagined a little bit more of it on the album.

5. The garden:

One of the most personal lyrics on the album. It's about a garden representing myself in a certain aspect. It's about connections we all have to other dimensions and entities we cannot physically sense, but sooner or later we'll all visit and meet.

It was one of the the most difficult part of the song writing process to make this song complete and sounding well, because some of the themes in it were quite strange at the beginning - even to us. Actually this track and the instrumental one before it - Gamma Binauris - belong closely to each other, so all together they make up a composition with a duration of almost 13 minutes.

6. Something other than God:

This is the most pessimistic song on the album. It's about a theory of the reason of existence (of human beings and the life on Earth in general). According to this theory, there's no specific reason of existence, there's no aim to fulfill, existence is just a result of the activity of something we do not know, but it's definitely something other than God. The universal balance breaks up when we get born, and harmony comes back when we die, and life is a struggle against this harmony that comes true every time and always for sure.

Technically this is the most complex song on the album, relatively short and fast with lots of guitar solos in it. 

7. Through fire... in the Sun:

The title track of the album is about again an ancient Hungarian belief, saying when we die we depart in the Sun. All our ancestors live there, and we can call them, talk to them, we can get some good advice from them, and finally we can join them through fire.

Musically it is a quite straight-forward song, fast and melodic, it has the most black-metal features. The guitar solo in the middle is performed by Tamas Laki (ex-Art of Butchery) who recorded and engineered the entire album.

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