Track By Tracks: Within Giant´s Reach - In The Beginning (2018)

Norman Lucas (Vocals) - The album as a whole to me is, positive, chaos, eye opening, and blood sweat and tears. And it's only the beginning.
1. The Summit: 
Is an ode to reaching your goals no matter how daunting the task, being the best you, you can be and just getting to the top of your own personal summit. Climbing your own personal  successful mountain of life and reaching the top.   
2. Rise: 
Is a song about blocking the negative things in your life. And no matter how many times they knock you down you get back up try a different approach and keep going forward and never look back.    
3. Faceless: 
Is about those people who have negative words towards you to try and drag you down. But they never stand face to face with you, they talk behind your back or anonymously behind a key board. Because they don't have the guts to step up face to face and get what's coming to them. They are really just wasting their time and try to waste yours as well.

4. Collapse, Rebuild: 

Is about being at that lowest part of your life, and somehow finding the courage to reboot your thought process and rebuild yourself back up. And getting back on your feet and hit the ground running towards a better you, rather than just giving up.

5. Scars: 
Is an Anthem song against bullying  (Self explanatory ).
6. Same Blood: 
Is a eye opening song, to help everyone understand that racism, no matter what color you are is a waste of great human interaction. The color of one's skin doesn't define who we are, our actions and the kind of people we are on the inside does. Remove our flesh and we are all the same visually. If we all hadn't been born with flesh, or we were all born blind what use would there be is such a hatred for flesh tone? Our humanity is what's on the inside, and just because we have the ability to create our own opinions doesn't mean we have to hate one another because we disagree with each other's opinions and not get along with one another. We all have things in common befriend one another on those opinions alone and stop wasting time on the opinions we don't agree with.

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