Behind The Artworks: Ancient Thrones - The Veil (2020)

I have very strong visual ideas for storytelling and used to dream of making movies when I was a kid. The story of the album cover exists in the world of what happens away from our characters in the record. Where the aforementioned love goes back to find the body of the missing man. At least that’s how I see it. The green water is referenced in the track “Divided/Dissolve” and it symbolizes the jealousy, envy, and selfishness of the character, or drowning in your own sorrows if you will. My own personal relationships and grief were an inspiration for the record, and I wanted to shoot the album cover in a special place to me, with that shiny emerald colored water. I chose Crooked Creek just outside my hometown in New Brunswick and a friend of ours Mallory agreed to get in that freezing cold water, what a trooper! The Veil she is wearing symbolizes a widow, but the Veil itself means many things, both literal and physical. I believe it represents our need as humans to mask ourselves from our problems and choose to live through a veiled perspective. You could also see it as existing in a different dimensional field, beneath the veil of the material world. Weddings are synonymous with veils, but so too are funerals. Our story plays on love and loss and entering another world, so all things considered the title “The Veil” really spoke to what I was trying to say with the record and I believe the album artwork sums it up beautifully while leaving others to make their own interpretations of what it means to them. I always try to leave the viewer or listener with their own thoughts after the record is done playing.

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