Behind The Artworks: Nehoda - But Anyways... (2020)

Early on the Werewolf became synonymous with Nehoda as a band. Showing up on Posters, stickers, and eventually T-shirts. It was only fitting that The Werewolf be front and center on the debut album But Anyways… 

However, we wanted something different. We wanted something fresh and we wanted something that really captured the essence of the album. The idea for a Suicide King to be replaced with a Suicide Werewolf occurred one afternoon when Patrick was emailing back and forth with Dave and he suggested playing card style art. The idea that the king of hearts is always inflicting pain and suffering on himself was a heavy thought that goes hand in hand with a main theme of the album…which is; Chasing love most often leaves us in pain. 

Dave then did his magic and brought this idea to life! It looks amazing on the cover of our first pressed vinyl. 

The artwork on the back is a photograph Patrick took while on tour in Ireland. The photo is of a Church in the early medieval monastic settlement of Glendalough. The settlement was founded in the 6th Century. That tour was amazing. 

The artwork for But Anyways… was thought up and designed by Patrick Nehoda, Masha Victoria, and David Morales.

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