Band Biographies: Coastlines

Coastlines is a three piece (wanting to be a four piece, We're currently looking for a drummer) band from Norway. They play some kind of mix of Metalcore with a bit more focus on the New York hardcore style. 

Coastlines was formed from the ashes of Aaron's old band "Murder The Traitor" and him wanting to work on music with his old friend Emil (whom he had been in several local small bands with as a teenager, and now had finished school for recording and engineering) . 

They wrote a lot of music, with many different vocalists, that never seemed to be right for their vision. 

After some time Aaron sent out a facebook ad looking for singers. As luck would have it Jan answered with his soundcloud link and he was invited to a writing session/vibe check to see if they worked well together. 

They instantly hit it off, and started working. Jan being a typical cocky vocalist thought he was the best, but soon found out that he needed to work a lot to match what Emil and Aaron had envisioned. 

Working with Emil as a producer has helped the band as a whole to evolve with each song they've released /their next being in their opinion the most refined and well written song to date. A life you neglected will be released October 30.On all available streaming platforms.

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