Band Biographies: The Corona Lantern

A quinary band has originally appeared with an ambition of a studio project, when in the autumn of 2014 Igor Krakhmalev /also Diligence, Demimonde/ and Daniela Dahlien Neumanova /also Diligence, Keep on Rotting/ have combined their efforts yearning to submerge into slow and atmospheric waters. Bass guitar was taken by Dima Borovkov /ex Sepsis/ and Simon Hajdovsky /also Monna, Sinuhet and others/ has laid his hand on the drums. 

As a result, the “MMXV” EP inspired band members to a later song-writing and not long after its release creation of new material has started, which was to cover a longer footage. The desire of live performance came with the increasing amount of songs and responsibility, brought by production of LP. It has culminated as an event named after the LP itself “Consuming the Tempest” that took place on 13th of November 2016 in Prague club “Modrá Vopice”. As a last addition to the band was Tonda Smrcka /also Rise of Surya/.

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