Band Biographies: Cosmonuts

Cosmonuts is a band from Chania, Crete, Greece founded in early 2013 featuring vocalist Dimitris Kapouranis, drummer Nikos Zouika, guitarists brothers Yiannis Panigirakis and Petros Panigirakis and bassist Christos Klaridopoulos. 

They started by covering Rock classics by Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, SRV, Chuck Berry, Arctic Monkeys and more, creating an live gigging entertainment setup for local bars and clubs. Meanwhile they came up with their own version of the song "Clown" by the Greek rock prince Paulos Sidiropoulos, which they recorded. 

In late 2013, having a number of fans, they compose their very first song, "Gentle Strangers", influenced by 60s and 70s Psychedelic Blues and Rock. Later, in early 2014, keyboardist Spiros Vaigousis comes to join and melodicaly color the band. In mid 2014, drummer Pantelis Kiassos replaces Nikos due to academic responsibilities. 

Local live shows continue with a growing audience. They play some of their own compositions as well as song covers, with their own style. Through 2015 and 2016, the band composes 4 new songs aiming to release their first EP. In late 2016, different priorities bring Spyros' withdrawal and the final line-up is formed. 

In 2017, completing their 5-track EP, the band eventualy goes for the recording in Artracks Studios releasing "Holidays in Andromeda" the following August. In pursuit of spreading the spirit of their music, they since play live across Greece, aiming for an upcoming LP...

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