Band Biographies: Lesnar Suplex

Lesnar Suplex are a Metal Hc band from Italy, formed in October 2018. Our musical proposal is a union between the speed of punk and the violence of metal. The first Ep, We Are The Horde is an entirely DIY production, recorded, mixed and mastered in our garage / rehearsal room. On the unofficial cover of the ep (visible on our youtube channel) there is a glimpse of the Renaissance painting "Sant'Antonio Abate beaten by devils in the desert" by Sano di Pietro. We liked the idea of putting a beaten abbot in the center of the ep, and in fact Cassino is known for its famous abbey, whose recent abbot was arrested for having misappropriated sums of money coming from the "8X1000" and destined to the less wealthy and to territorial Caritas. The subtracted amounts, estimated at around 500 thousand euros, were used in luxury travels, in swingers' rooms, in escort and various drugs. The title of the EP, "We are the horde" was born precisely from this story: the paradox of those who present themselves as preachers of good, but at the same time abuse their own power, exploit the weakest and condemn the different. In such a harsh scenario we prefer to be on the side of the "demons".

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