Band Biographies: Silvered

Silvered formed in march 2007 in Lecce, Italy. The name derived from “silvered key”of the oneiric world created by H.P. Lovecraft, lyrics are inspired by literature, visions and nightmares. Very eclectic music: melodic death metal with growling, screaming and clean vocals that has incorporated progressive rock, gothic elements, piano and acoustic guitar interludes. The band played more than 200 live shows (often acoustic performances under the light of candles) and released “Music for your Sleepless Nights” (mini cd, 2007), “The Unplugged Night LIVE” (recorded live, 3rd may 2008) and “Dying Light” (promo cd, 2008). Silvered appeared in the “Imago Sound Creative Compilation Vol.1” (including the unreleased track “Another Leaf Comes Down - Acoustic Reprise”, 2009), in the “WorlDEMOns 2009” (including “Helpless Soul”, 2009) and in the “Hardsounds Compilation Vol. 2” (including “Winter’s Caress”, 2012). 

During 2010 the band recorded the first full-length cd, called “Grave of Deception” and based on the Lovecraftian horror/fantasy tale “La storia di Brian Empty” written by Daniele Rini. It’s a concept album on the incapacity to accept reality as it is perceived. It describes a personal inner struggle, a gloomy journey through soul’s alienation in the real world and the darkness of the oneiric dimension. Recorded at the Sudestudio (Lecce, Italy) and at the Outer Sound Studios (Rome, Italy), mixed at the Outer Sound Studios by Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre, Stormlord, Klimt 1918). Mastered at the Finnvox Studios (Helsinki, Finland) by Mika Jussila (Sentenced, Amorphis, Children Of Bodom, HIM, Apocalyptica), artwork by Machine Room (My Dying Bride, Dope Stars Inc.). The band realized two official videoclips of the songs “The Silent Moan” and “Sad Eyed Liar”. 

In 2011 Giuseppe and Carlo Ferilli, guitarist and drummer respectively (from 2016 in tour also with Novembre) joined the band and soon the sound become something more obscure and doom death oriented, but always made of melody and groove. In 2015 the guitarist Lorenzo Valentino (Last Resistance, Ghost of Mary) joined the band. In the same year began the long work of composition and pre-production of the new album "Six Hours", officially recorded between 2017 and 2018. It is an ambitious and challenging concept focused on a powerful and obscure sound thanks to the compositions of the Ferilli brothers and with lyrics that are directly inspired by the academic studies conducted by Daniele Rini on the phenomenon of witchcraft.

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