Behind The Artworks: ARRAYAN PATH - The Marble Gates To Apeiron (2020)

Even though there is no one-theme concept throughout the album, there is a link between our future, our past and the now as to how humans react to situations. Human Nature. The cover is basically the lyrics of the self-titled song of the album and has nothing to do with the rest of the songs. It depicts a gateway or a portal through which you can contact the ancient Gods of this world, be it the Egyptian Gods or the Dodecatheon or any other Gods from other cultures. It reveals that these entities we used to call Gods, were some sort of otherworldly energies that we can still contact. When I spoke to Yiannis from Remedy Art Designs I described the pre-mentioned and he asked that nothing else should be ‘imposed’ on him so that he could work his own ideas into art. When I saw the cover, it felt like he entered my head and drew out the images I had in there for weeks! The Marble Gates are there, the Gateway to another world is there and a man who appears through the gateway to either contact the Gods or even sent by them as an improved version of us!

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