Behind The Artworks: Fuck The Facts - PLEINE NOIRCEUR (2020)

The cover for this album is by far my most personal work to date. When I started the project, I was inspired by the artwork from 90's indie rock bands and my main inspiration was Sebadoh's "Bakesale" album where there's a vintage photo of a baby checking the toilet bowl. With this idea in mind, I went to my parent’s place and grabbed all their black and white photos as well as their wedding album. As I was going through the photos, one instantly grabbed my attention when I saw it. It was this nice photo of my mom on her wedding day, smiling at her reflection in the mirror. I showed it to Topon (bandmate, partner), and he felt the same thing. 
I started working on the image right away. I added a chalky type texture I painted, made it almost black and white, and removed her reflection in the mirror. We needed her to become something else than the original photo; I needed to let this become its own thing. I wanted to have a darker vibe for the cover and this felt just right. This woman, on her wedding day, is staring at an empty mirror and she is facing a dark future. The viewer can really use their own references to picture what this could mean. 
As I was working on the artwork the reality hit that I could not use the image unless my mom would give me her permission. She is a great loving mom, but not artistic, not musical, and definitely not into our music. In more than 20 years, she never came to see me perform and never listened to our music. I was a little nervous to ask, but she said yes! I guess it is her way to be supportive. Thanks mom!

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