Behind The Tracks: FEUDALE - It´s Alright (Single) (2020)

“It's Alright” was actually the second song we wrote for the EP “Escape the madness” which will drop in early 2021. We wanted to get back to our roots when writing these songs with punchy guitar-driven songs with tons of melodic harmony, but also wanted our message to be crystal clear in the lyrics that no matter what life throws your way it’s alright. There are actually two versions of this song the single. 

Edit and the EP Edit which will be exclusively on the EP. "It's Alright" starts out with a raunchy in your face guitar riff that kicks off into a full-fledged rock anthem. We wanted the choruses to be explosive with harmonies that invite you to sing as loud as you possibly can. We can personally say we are very happy with the finished product and we look forward to sharing the rest of the EP with the world very soon!

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