Track By Track: Black Sun Brotherhood - God & Beast (2020)

About the title “God & Beast”. In 2020, the year of the great corona plague, every individual can look at the world and ask himself or herself the simple question: are human beings taking the planet in the right direction? Certainly, most thinking beings will agree; there is something terribly wrong with the world today and the future looks very bleak. Humanity seems to be the architect of its own downfall. The title refers to this contradiction within human beings; the human animal is capable of both incredible brilliance and extreme foolishness at the same time. It’s like an advanced ape armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons. Mankind might have a godlike potential, but it is simply overpowered by its beastly nature. So, the album is about something like that – that’s the gist of it anyway! 

By the way - the lyrics to our songs can be found here: 

Now onto the songs: 

1. Might is right:

These lyrics are taken from the book “Might is Right” by Arthur Desmond. It is a very controversial book – and parts of the text were also used in the Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey. It basically says that civilization is a hoax and that life on earth is a state of constant warfare. Mankind is a kind of predator: nations prey on other nations, groups prey on other groups, individuals prey on other individuals, and mankind as a whole preys on basically all other forms of life. 

2. Witches Sabbath:

These lyrics are written by English occultist Austin Osman Spare – and it’s mainly about witches having a kick ass orgy and celebrating the great god of fuck. 

3. Vengeance is mine:

These lyrics are taken straight out of the bible – and it shows you what a vengeful psychopath the Christian god is. It simply blows one’s mind to think about how millions of people have worshipped the madness called Christianity for many centuries. 

4. Black Sun Rising:

I wrote these lyrics and they are about the coming apocalypse. 

5. Leviathan:

Again, lyrics stolen straight out of the bible (Book of Revelation). I guess we are just too stupid and/or too lazy to write our own lyrics. Hopefully Picasso was right when he said that “good artists borrow, great artists steal” (yeah, sure - whatever!). Driven by demons: Its so self-explanatory to me that I do not know what more to add. Mankind is blindly driven onward by its inner demons and their boundless appetite (greed, fear, hate, lust, anger etc, etc). Lyrics written by yours truly! 

6. Love is a demon:

These lyrics are written by an American writer T. A. Hamilton. I am not entirely sure what she means to say exactly, but I have my theories and they are private. I enjoyed the poem and the words have great flow to them. I thought the text could be cool lyrics for a song. Read the words yourself and figure out what she means to say. 

7. Hymn to Satan:

These lyrics are written by a famous Italian writer called Giosue Carducci. The words are taken from his poem with the same name. It’s a celebration of the rebellious and freethinking spirit of the devil and it was written as a critique of the Pope/Vatican/Catholic Church (for being real scumbags). 

8. Great whore of Babylon:

The lyrics are mainly borrowed from an ancient, mystical gnostic text called “The Thunder, Perfect Mind”. Who the hell knows what it is really about? It might be about sex magic and/or sacred prostitution. Again, its just a fascinating text, and supposedly cult prostitution was a thing among the Babylonians, so that gets my vote! 

9. Litanies of Satan:

This is an amazing poem written by French bad boy author Charles Baudelaire. It’s his critique of religion and tribute to Satan – the rebel god of all freaks, misfits and outcasts. By now it’s almost a tradition for metal bands to write songs to this poem, so we felt we had to do that too. We do so in honor of that fine tradition, we do it in honor of Baudelaire and we do it in honor of all freaks, misfits and outcasts all over the world!

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