Track By Track: Vermocracy - Vermocracy (2020)

1. The River:

Andreas: The River is about depression and the lethargy that goes hand in hand with it. Another aspect of this text is that you sometimes, actually all the time, hardly have any influence on what's happening in your live and the resigning handshake with this fact. The discrepancy between the music and the lyrics is meant to express that something can even grow out of such a fucked-up life situation.

2. Colossal Collapse:

Michael: The song is a parable on the growth and fall of societies. The higher you go the deeper you fall.

3. Vermocracy:

Andreas: This song is pretty much about what was described above (Artwork). Its abouts the social constraints you either obey or chose a life in isolation, or in other words an anarchic "fuck-you-all-attitude". The second verse is about frustration about the handling of this topic by the mass - they swallow and applaud till it's too late.

Roman: Vermocracy is about the emptiness of an ordinary life in modern society. It deals with the agony that grows every day which is fuelled by false hopes and distractions like excessive consumption in the hope to satisfy one's needs. Which in the end is not satisfying at all but, on the contrary, feeds the void inside oneself.

4. Fatal Exeedance:

Michael: This describes the moment within a confrontation when someone is tipping into aggression – the moment when its not possible to discuss or calm down anymore.

5. I'm Not Your Messiah:

Andreas: This text is about mass phenomena which can't be even stopped by its creator himself. People feel comfortable when their questions are answered by someone else and they tend to stop questioning themselves and their ideology as long it's repeatedly acknowledged by others. Revolutions perish not least because of their supporters. The simple message might be: Never stop questioning, even if it hurts.

6. On Toxic Wings:

Michael: The song On Toxic Wings is about addiction. It's about a person who is fully aware of the self-destructive nature of this behaviour but is willingly accepting its own end for a short period of exhilaration and freedom.

7. The Tumor And The Flawless Skin:

Andreas: This song is about systematic superficiality and separation of society. The "Tumor" affects many parts of our lives. The perfection of the word and its ability to manipulate or defeat your opposite has a negative influence on the way we communicate. Dialog is no longer about empathy and trying to understand what the opposite wants to say, it's about categorisation and either defeating an opponent or getting approved by a proponent. Human beings are (sometimes) more complex than this. The short message of this song could be: Try to communicate - as a last resort you can defeat your newfound enemy afterwards…

Paradise Dystopia

Michael: The lyrics describe the beauty of ruins and lost places. It’s about our world after the fall of societies and the returning of nature.

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