Track By Tracks: Epitimia - Allusion (2020)

Every song from our new album had a prototype in our past works, but they were all radically reworked and rethought. Everything was conceived in such a way as to penetrate the essence of each composition and give it into a new form. Therefore, the album itself is an allusion to our way as musicians, which is what its album title says. 

1. Clue I: Animist:

The song about man’s selflessness and unity with nature. It was taken from our first album “To the non-existing shades…” The original music was completely re-arranged and re-recorded, and the lyrics were changed quite a lot to expand it’s meanings to existential. 

2. Clue II: Melencolia I:

This song refers to the famous engraving by Dürer. The symbolism of the engraving is associated with the planet Saturn, the patroness of melancholic people. At that times there were three types of melancholic people. In one of those types, the first one, were artists and poets. So, our song is about an artist who tries to work his way through the madness of life with his creativity. 

3. Clue III: Waiting for the Doom:

This song is about man’s fatalism which makes him see traces of death and decay in everything. 

4. Clue IV: I Aspire Like a Bird:

The song about a person's doom for cognition. But the knowledge in the incomprehensible reality will destroy his own world, and he, like a wounded bird, will fall from the sky, which never became his home. 

5. Clue V: Altered State of Consciousness:

This song is from our third full-length “Faces of insanity”, which is completely devoted to mental disorders. Here we are talking about a deliberate departure from the usual reality in search of something more. But soon the very process of leaving becomes an end in itself and reality narrows even more. 

6. Clue VI: Schizophrenia:

This song is the final composition on “Faces of insanity. It tells about the ending point in the history of the decay of the human personality. 

7. Clue VII: Post Scriptum:

We wanted to interpret one of our compositions in a very unusual way. The choice fell on this song from the album (Un)reality, which got now a post-punk sounding. The psychedelic guitar in the beginning is a nod to The Cure’s “One Hundred Years”. That is what we tried to put inside these songs. But we also think that someone can find his own meaning with his own experience and imagination.

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