Track By Tracks: Fuck The Facts - PLEINE NOIRCEUR (2020)

1. Invisible:

This is a pretty straight forward grind song with lots of grooves and catchy parts. Topon had this one lying around in the vault of unforgotten songs. We ain’t breaking any “Borders”, if you know what I mean. 

2. Doubt, Fear, Neglect:

We started working on this song in 2012, just after releasing Die Miserable. The intro used to be drowned in reverb and delay and the drums were all over the place, like a poorly executed solo. Anyways, we got back to it a few years later and kind of took it from there. It’s a bit of a lengthy song for us but I really enjoy it. There’s a lot of sweet old school leads in there. 

3. Ailleurs:

This is our second single from Pleine Noirceur, it’s a simple grindcore song with an outro that makes me want to punch someone's face in. Got to love that bass too, sounds like a fucking truck engine. 


I wrote this thinking it was going to be an outro for L’abandon, turns out I just got confused with what Topon wanted me to do. It’s obviously not a typical FTF song but I find myself writing stuff like that more and more over time, just like the outro of Desire Will Rot. Topon added a few leads and effects bounding everything together. I play “slide guitar” with a screwdriver on this, for some reason. 

5. Pleine Noirceur:

After our break, this is the first song we started working on. I think it’s the catchiest song on the album and that’s probably part of the reason why we released it first. I think it also captures the spirit of the album quite nicely. I love how there’s like two solos on this album and one of them is played on bass. That instrumental outro took form while tracking the drums, I had no idea what to play initially. I don’t even think we had drums over that part origininaly.
6. Aube:

We have a lot of short transitional songs on this album and I think this one particularly works well. I don’t know if it’s because we’re getting old but we sure slow down more than we used to. That being said, the next one isn’t slow. 

7. Sans Lumière:

Marc wrote most of this song back in 2014. I think he enjoys seeing me suffer behind the kit. It's probably the most intense song on the album, at least from my perspective. Sans Lumière and Sans Racines were originally part of a split we were supposed to do with Chiens, an amazing grindcore band from France. The finale was originally part of Sans Racines and dates back to before I even joined the band. You can hear me sing a canon somewhere in there, fancy stuff. 

8. Sans Racines: 

Whatever it is I write about this song cannot take more than 38 seconds to read. The end of Sans Lumière and this song used to be one and the same but the structure was completely different. I remember thinking “Cephalic Carnage” for the end. 

9. Everything I Love Is Ending:

This is probably one of my favorite songs on the album. It starts slow and sludgy and works its way to fast and grindy. There’s something about blast beating on a floor tom that makes me want to destroy stuff. Admittedly, I do have a history of abusing floor toms, fuck’em. It ends with a really simple riff that wraps everything up nicely. I enjoy those mid pace groovy blast beats that you can find throughout this album. 

10. A Dying Light:

Everytime I listen to this song, it feels like things are going to be ok, but then everything goes to shit. We tracked the drums in two distinct sessions and it ended up sounding pretty cool. There’s an obvious difference in drum tones. 

11. Dropping Like Flies:
This song makes me think of old school death metal, mainly because of its initial groove, but I love how it transitions into this catchy d-beat section. I’m looking forward to playing this one live in 2028 or something. 

12. L'abandon:
At some point, I don’t remember why, I did a bunch of songs in 5/4, including what would become Panser la plaie au lieu de soigner le mal from the Amer EP. I guess I had just figured out that I didn’t have to play in 4/4 all the time or something. I was listening to a lot of Despised Icon at the time, that’s probably why there’s like a happy-2-step finale. This song is also super old. 

13. An Ending:

And yet not the end. This is a pretty epic sounding song full with tons of leads, the only thing missing is a full orchestra. It reminds me that playing slow is fucking hard. 

14. _cide:
There’s a lot of different elements in this song like sludge, shoegaze(ish) and (pseudo)black metal. I remember not being set on a lot of parts drum wise, it was the last song we had worked on before hitting the studio. Again, it kind of all came together once I started doing takes, after takes, after takes… When we were working on this song, hockey had just started again and the Habs had a horrible pre-season stretch, hence the working title : Pre-season Hell. 

14. Torment:

I love those noodly Cannibal Corpse style riffs a lot. I know it doesn’t sound like it but we love classic death metal, it sometimes shows up in our music and this is exhibit A.

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