Track By Tracks: Intaglio - Intaglio (2020)

1. The Beginning:
Instrumental intro track of the album. Melodic and relax preparation for the album’s journey. The main idea is to prepare the listened to listen to the whole album. There’s absolutely no rush. 

2. Dark Cherry Day:

The first opening track of the album. Starts with the explanation of the lyrics of the situation when a man lost his second part and explains his first feelings about his loss. «Cherry» here means the bloody red color. It’s a really hard situation when you accidentally have to survive without your second part. You always thinking about your loss. Just grief and depression.
3. Interlude:
Originally it was an outro instrumental track. Classic doom, sad and melodic. Moved to the middle because of vinyl Side A length.
4. Solitude:

The most "funeral doom" track of the album. Continues the lyrical theme of the «Dark Cherry Day» and represents the spontaneous thoughts of the man during his depression. It’s always hard to stay alone it’d sad, but such things suddenly happen. Fear, pain, and depression will follow you and nothing can help you. You have to go through and find how to live on with this. 

5. Wind Of Autumn:

The final track tells us the reason for loss because of a road accident. It’s the first composition that was written for the project. Pure depression. The man decides that he won’t live without his second part. We don’t know if there will be revenge or not, but no one will bring back his girl. In the end he decides that there's no reason to live…

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