Track By Tracks: Invernoir - The Void And The Unbearable Loss (2020)

1. The void and the unbearable loss:
This is the oldest track of the album. I started to write the first draft in 2003... really a long time ago! I was listening to some old stuff written during the years and when I heard it again I started to work on it till I came to the final result that you can hear on the album. It's the doomiest track of the album, a desperate instrumental track that really represents the degree of desperation of the entire album. 

2. The path:

This is probably the track with a sound closest to the modern doom (swallow the sun, daylight dies), the verse has a particular dynamic between drums and guitars the only element that brings back to an old sound is the violin solo in the middle. The end is close to some funeral stuff. The lyric talks about the loss of a child during the pregnancy, a tragic moment in my life that is always on my mind despite years passing by... who had the misfortune to live an analogue situation knows what I'm talkin' about.

3. House Of Debris:

This will be the second single of the album. Lorenzo came to me with a full track close to shoegaze stuff, listening to it a lot of sad and doom ideas came out and what you hear is the final result of this darkening process. The lyrics written by Valerio Granieri always talk about the existence intended as a useless pile of dust (this is my way to intend it) 

4. Suspended Alive:

Is the first single we choose, probably our favourite song of the album that it really represents the entire cd. The verse is really close to katatonia's stuff of the Brave Murder Day era, in the middle we put a funeral part really dark and tragic. Lyrics (written by Valerio Granieri) are about nothingness, emptiness and all the elements which are part a suspended life 

5. Cast Away:

Is the ballad of the album, mainly sung by Lorenzo, there are acoustic guitars in the verse that give me a great sense of peace and solitude when I hear them while in the refrain there is an explosion of desperation with the harsh vocals. I personally intend the lyric of the song (by Valerio Granieri) as a person that has a particular way of feeling emotions far from common feeling and the result is to perceive himself as a castaway far from all humanity. 

6. The Burden:

The lyric speaks about the insignificance of human life compared to time intended in its universality, we are nothing but dust in the succession of the various eras. This track (written in collaboration by me, Lorenzo and Valerio Granieri) is a little bit experimental and you can hear the voice of Valerio Granieri (Rome in Monochrome/Aurora Nowhere) singing the clean parts. 

7. At Night: 

Is one the first tracks I wrote for the album, the verse is really slow and gloom with a chromatic guitar melody that sounds close to the 90's stuff, I really love the closure of this track with his sad clean guitars and the dark recitato in our mother tongue (probably the best minute of the entire album). The lyric talks about the night in a metaphoric way intended as a representation of the various threats tha we can't avoid in our life. 

8. The Loneliest: 

The final track starts with an acoustic melody that makes me think about a sunset by the sea and its sense of infinity. The track is sad and resigned mood almost for all the time except for a little part with a dark and violent riff created to exalt the mood of the lyrics. In this track you can hear the Novembre influences in our sound.

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