Track By Tracks: Shattered Hope - Vespers (2020)

1.In Cold Blood:
Lyrics: War and its consequences for the victims. A cry of agony for all the sufferers. 

Music: A fast (for what we are used to) song with an aggressive intro. The first track of "Vespers". 


Lyrics: No space left for the people who suffered. Their journey continues after all but they find out they are not the same. 

Music: A mid tempo song. It's like having two parts, the first one is melancholic and the second darker. 


Lyrics: The face of the beast. The sound of war. Humanity has been dehumanized. 

Music: A monotonous song with heavy parts and litanic melodies. 

4.Towards the Land of Deception: 

Lyrics: The journey continues but is full of fraud and deceit. 

Music: The most melodic song of "Vespers". A traditional cretan lyre is used in it. 

5.The Judas Tree:

Lyrics: In everything, love is also a victim of circumstances. The end is near... 

Music: The last song of "Vespers". The slowest of all with redemptive melodies.

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