Track By Tracks: TWISTED MIST - Orbios (2020)

To talk about it more generically, Orbios (Which originally comes from the word “Orbhos” which in Indo-European meant “orphan”, means “He who inherits”, “Heir” in Gaul.) 

Tells the story of 'a protagonist who will have had the privilege of leaving a legacy after his time on earth, to leave his mark there. To illustrate this concept, we tried to divide the life of our character and his heritage into 7 steps, 7 pieces. 

1. Matir:

Matir means mother in Gallic. The song therefore deals generally with the birth and early childhood of our character. 

2. Vae Soli:

Vae Soli means "woe to a man alone". In this piece, we wanted to illustrate the fact that it is within a group, a clan, by socializing with their own that our character learns, shares and exchanges in order to continue to evolve. He can thus build himself in contact with his family but also by learning from his ancestors and predecessors. 

3. Equinoxe:

Equinoxe, the 3rd track on the album, represents more or less half of our protagonist's life. The album being composed of 7 sounds, half of the 3rd track represents half here, so it seemed judicious here to fix the "equinox" of our concept as well as our character, the moment when the length of the day is equal. to that of the night. 

4. Finis Vitae:

Finis Vitae, which means "end of life" in Latin, therefore follows our concept: at this point in the album, our character knows that his strength will now gradually give up. 

When he looks behind him, he is able to see what he has accomplished and is not corroded by the slightest regret, he realizes that all life has an end and his will not be long. 

5. Memento Mori:

Memento Mori also comes from Latin and means "Remember you are going to die". Here is a way of saying that no matter what, no matter what may have been accomplished or who we may have been, time always catches up with us. This song is a kind of requiem, a funeral procession for our character who finally saw his strength give up. This piece is therefore closely linked to the next one. 

6. La Peste Soit De Ma Chair:

The plague is of my flesh is here a "negative" expression to speak directly of the flesh, of the body of the character as if he were speaking of it in the first person singular. 

For example, we can read in Molière's "Avarice": "The plague is avarice ...". It's kind of a way of swearing at something. Here, it is thus as if our character pronounced these words "the plague be of my flesh" because it is finally only now that he is able to understand that whatever the flesh, his body will become again only dust and only his heritage and what he was able to pass on around him will remain. It’s like a kind of "reincarnation" here for him, he will be able to continue to live many lives ... through what he will have left after his time on earth. The decidedly more aggressive tone of the song is chosen here to illustrate the mourning and in particular the anger, the pain or the sadness that could emerge from it. [16:06] 

7. Orbios:

Finally, the last track which shares the title of the album, Orbios, therefore means "Heir" in Gallic. Here, although it is still the protagonist who speaks through the lyrics, this last and final piece finally picks up the course of life where it left off after the death around the character and the mourning around. 

His family, his friends, children… all those to whom he will have been able to bequeath the slightest teaching, the slightest memory, finally inherit part of his journey on earth and can in turn continue to take their own path, before why not from them also bequeath something in their turn.

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