Band Biographies: MemoCrasher

What happens when one stubborn physician with no musical background one day realizes that music is his greatest passion? 

Sooner than later he'll meet three equally stubborn and ambicious people with the same goal and problems in between. 

Within couple of years they'll do everything they can to make their dream come true and share their passion with the people. 

MemoCrasher is a rock/metal band founded in 2014 by Dave Andrew and Hubert Malicki in Ustrzyki Dolne, Poland. 

In 2016 they released their first LP album 'Revenant' recorded by themselves at home with more passion than skills. Shortly after album was released, they play couple of gigs including the biggest Motorcycle Festival in Poland. They supported WOŚP festival twice and played right before headliner in Rzeszów in front of couple thousands of people. 

Band was awarded as an honorable mention in bands contest „Garage” where they were judged by a leader of K.S.U - a legendary polish punk/rock band. 

Their album was aired in Radio Rzeszów where they were guests of Jerzy Szlachta's podcast. 

Encouraged by an enthusiastic local reception they decided to take a step back to improve their skills and record the next album. 

In 2017 Dave and Hubert moved to Katowice where Jarno and Maciej Lenartowicz joined the band. 

Finally, they return in 2020 strong as never before with the newest double album 'Humanity&Revenant' to burn your hearts and ignite your souls... 

On Mar 3rd first single 'Burn' was released. In less than 2 months it gained over 500k views across the social media and music platforms world-wide. 

Dave Andrew – vocals, guitar 
Hubert Malicki – guitar 
Jarno – bass guitar 
Maciej Lenartowicz – drums 
Recent Location – Katowice, Poland

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