Band Biographies: Motion Device

Motion Device is a rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They started uploading videos to Youtube in 2011 when they began covering rock and metal bands. As the band grew they started writing their own material. It quickly became evident that their fans enjoyed the original material more than the covers. Their third crowd-funding campaign in 2017 received contributions from fans all over the globe and resulted in the release of ‘Wide Awake’ – a double CD concept album with over an hour and forty-five minutes of music. 

After yet another successful crowd-funder, the band released their fourth studio album in September of 2020 – a self-titled project called ‘Motion Device IV’ (known as MDIV to their fans). The album was recorded in the band’s brand new studio which was also funded by fans. Everything you hear on MDIV was not only written, arranged and performed by the band, but all production, recording, engineering, mixing and mastering was also completely done by Motion Device. The band has always been on a mission to be in full control of the creative process and building a recording studio was an essential step in solidifying their future as musicians. 

Motion Device is fronted by Sara Menoudakis on vocals, Josh Marrocco on guitar, along with Andrea Menoudakis on bass/keys and David Menoudakis on drums. 

The band’s sound is influenced by a variety of genres including hard rock, progressive rock, alternative rock, heavy metal and blues. Motion Device strives to create music that not only sounds good to the ears, but hopefully moves something inside us and helps people get through this incredibly complex journey we call… LIFE.

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