Band Biographies: Shattered Hourglass

Shattered Hourglass is a heavy metal band from regional Sout Australia with a unique twist, the chief songwriter and lead guitarist is a child prodigy. 

Raiden Macintyre's (12) talent is bursting to unleash and he's backed by an experienced rhythm section 3x his age. His innate ability to write riffs, solos and melodies, mixed with the band's heavy groove an commanding shared vocals create a captivating soundscape that can hold it with the best. 

The band is set to releas their debut LP "Timekeeper" in December 2020, and posied to pounce for when live show return to the scene. 

Shattered Hourglass opened up Australia's first ever Wacken Metal Battle in Adelaide, was aded to the lineup for Metal United Down Under Port Pirie, the Whyalla Unearth Festival and various support slot offers across South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria.

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