Band Biographies: Tides Of Kharon

Tides of Kharon: Western Canada's premier Melodic Death Metal act. Combining the engaging lyrical themes of Greek Mythology with the hard-hitting impact of classic, European style Death Metal, Tides of Kharon devastates their audience with monstrous grooves, catchy melodies and captivating stories. 

Tides of Kharon was conceived in 2014 by vocalist Garrett Nelson and instrumentalist brothers, Ryan, Justin and Cam Rehman. They immediately began honing their sound, pulling from all of their common influences, including Amon Amarth, At the Gates, In Flames, Wintersun and more. 

Entering the Edmonton, Alberta gigging scene with drummer Nick Frattin behind the kit, they quickly gained a following of loyal fans that would encourage them through several live performances and a lineup change that welcomed Dave Feil on the drums. The band continued to grind vigorously in anticipation of their first studio release, Coins Upon Our Eyes in 2017. 

Coins Upon Our Eyes was well received. It showcased a fine collection of the band's early material, capturing the energy and essence of their live performance. 

The momentum created by the release of Coins Upon Our Eyes, as well as a lineup change that brought forth the drumming talents of Gord Alexander, has sky-rocketed the band's popularity and passion. Since the release of the record, they have been honoured to share the stage with Children of Bodom, Wolfheart, Swallow the Sun, Battlecross, Kataklysm and Goatwhore among others. 

Tides of Kharon continue to march onward with a fresh lineup and a highly anticipated sophomore release entitled “Titanomachy”, slated for a 2021 release with Sliptrick Records.

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