Behind The Artworks: Shores Of Null - Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying) (2020)

The cover of ‘Beyond The Shores (On Death And Dying)’ is a picture of the Italian photographer Sabrina Caramanico, who did the other pictures present in the artwork as well. The bare trees on the cover in a snowy landscape represent the cycle of life coming to its end. Death in Western cultures is always represented with the color Black, on the opposite Eastern cultures tend to represent death and mourn with the White color. We wanted to use something different from the usual dark artwork that usually represents the genre, symbolizing the awareness of finitude and consequently the acceptance of death. The shores of null are for me the place where to feel safe from harm, where to start anew, feeling protected, going ‘Beyond The Shores’ means going off the beaten path, abandoning that place of secureness, until the point we can’t go back anymore. This is also true musically speaking as the album also goes “Beyond” everything we’ve ever done before, combining the heavier and the most angelic elements of the band into a 38-minute-long suite that needs to be absorbed in its entirety.

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