Behind The Tracks: The Rhubarb - Drag Me To Hell (Single) (2020)

Drag me to hell is a dynamic heavy fuelled driven piece about the struggles of an eating disorder and how it affects someone very severely. Seán’s vocals completely dominate the song with Michael’s guitar sound blowing us away and jack’s electric drumming wowing us. We wrote it in 2017 and it is one of our favourite songs to play live. The lyrics are based on black sabbath-esque vibes, the underlying context of the song is metaphorically taking about the eating disorder as hell and the devil dragging you in it comparing it to the eating disorder demons. The song thrives spirit and significance to mental health in general. It has a cell of queens of the Stone Age with echoes harmonies and mono lords thriving riffs which would make your face melt and song which is made for the start of a set for a massive gig! We feel all our Influences have combined in this song which makes it extra meaningful and special for all four of us in the band. While we recorded it at riverside studio in busby we basically wrote a lot of it in the studio which was nice and creative, we had such fun and wish we could relive it all again. Drag me to hell will hopefully impress all doom metal fans to the core!

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